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Webinar: PET Thermoform Recycling - A Progress Report


05-07-2014 - 05-08-2014
National Zero Waste Business Conference


05-16-2014 1PM EDT - 2PM EDT
NRC Board Meeting


05-18-2014 - 05-21-2014
Federation of NY Solid Waste Associations


06-09-2014 - 06-10-2014
33rd Annual Northeast Recycling Conference & Expo


06-19-2014 - 06-20-2014
MRN/SWANA-MidAtlantic Annual Conference


07-18-2014 1PM EDT - 2PM EDT
NRC Board Meeting


09-19-2014 1PM EDT - 2PM EDT
NRC Board Meeting


10-01-2014 - 10-03-2014
Recycling Council of Alberta’s Annual Waste Reduction Conference

Membership Committee Report - 12-13-2011

Membership Committee meetings occur monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month at 4pm ET.

All meetings with access information are posted on the NRC calendar and are open to anybody who might like to attend.

Recurring website specific meetings with Bob H and Lisa occur on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 4pm ET and are open to anybody who might like to attend.

Login information for both meetings:

Web Conference Link:
Web Conference Dial-in:  914 339 0015  Access Code: 207-026-097

Activities Since Last Membership Committee Report

Installed a Podcast Manager on the NRC website

Installed a VIP Portfolio Manager for future Speakers Bureau or similar listings

Installed a Directory system that can be used to create a national recycling directory (Member request at 2011 GALA)

Created a cloud back-up system for the website

Created a cloud storage space for large archive files such as videos that exceed 100MB. (New Amazon s3 Cloud system can handle files up to 4 Terabyte)

Working with STAR, MRC, and IRA to explore possiblities of hosting RO databases on the NRC CiviCRM system

Created new member Google Group -  Roll-out in January

Created new Board Google Group - Roll-out in January

December 22, 2012 Meeting Agenda

Create a 2012 Committee Work Plan that addresses each of our Committee Responsibilies as listed below.

Draft benefit and outreach plan for submission to the NRC Exceutive Committee for review and consideration.

Committee Charge:

1. Develop the NRC membership database - Basic DB features in place, advanced features in progress.

2. Work with the Board's Recycling Organization (RO) Liaison on RO relations and affiliations - In Progress

3. Engage in discussions with non-affiliated RO's - On January 2012 Meeting Agenda

4. Review and update the current Affiliation Agreement - Pending RONA Committee Outcomes

5. Develop enhanced NRC membership benefits - In Progress

6. Assist other Board committee chairs with recruitment of NRC members to their committees

7. Develop and disseminate a member survey (with the Communication & Education and Renewal Committees) - On January 2012 Meeting Agenda

8. Help re-engage previous Board Members - On January 2012 Meeting Agenda

9. Assist the Minorities in Recycling Council - On January 2012 Meeting Agenda

10. Develop recommendations to the Board regarding member recruitment and associated dues structure - In Progress

December 29 Web/Communications Meeting Agenda (Bob H and Lisa, all others always welcome.)

Create a web plan for 2012 that includes (But not limited to):

1. Implementation of currently installed but unused features

2. Board training and orientation on basics such as editing a committee page

3. New graphic design

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