NRC’s Sustainable Materials Management Initiatives and Leads

NRC’s efforts and activities during the first 24 months while writing a comprehensive National Recyclers+ SMM Action Plan will include the following tasks. These tasks are recommended at this time based on the fact that volunteer leaders of the NRC Board, members, and stakeholders have come forward to lead and assist in implementing these tasks. These will be coordinated by the NRC SMM Committee on a volunteer basis, supported by existing NRC staff and a new SMM Program Manager as directed by the NRC Board and NRC President.

Below is a list of NRC’s SMM efforts and activities, including the lead for these efforts. For more information, please reach out to Savannah Betkowski at, or any of the leads below.

NRC’s SMM Efforts and Activities

NRC SMM Webinars
Wayne Gjerde,

NRC SMM Google Group/Listserv
Gary Liss,

SMM Mini Summits
Wynne Coplea, and Juri Freeman,

SMM Founders Council
Gary Bilbro, and Lisa Baranello,

SMM Recyclers+ Design Roundtables
Juri Freeman, and Barry Prater,

Promote Certified Trainings and Programs
Gary Liss,

Prepare a User’s Guide to LCA
Gary Liss,

Promotion Assistance
Honore Depew,

Organizing Second SMM Summit
Wynne Coplea, and Wayne Gjerde,

Organize SMM Workshops and/or Seminars
David Snapp,

Seek Funding for SMM Research and Development Centers
Jack DeBell,