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2020-2021 NRCCC Report

2020-2021 Report


The NRC’s Campus Council creates stronger linkages between higher education and the sustainable materials management industry.  The Council was created in 2013; managed by Jack DeBell who recently retired from the University of Colorado.  Ongoing projects include scholarships, awards, training, and outreach.

Goals and objectives for 2021 – Priorities include improving scholarships and awards, updating SMM White Paper, participating in five year strategic plan with budget and administrative assistance.  The NRC’s improved fiduciary and staffing abilities now present opportunities for the Council to seek private and public sector funding, possibly with pass-through management, in order to minimize staff involvement.



  • NRC Newsletter submissions
  • US Department of Energy presentation: “Deep Reuse and Recycling”
  • Recycling Organizations Council presentation:  Introduction to the Campus Council
  • Pennsylvania Markets Center: “Sustainable Materials Management at Colleges and Universities”
  • Green courses
  • Higher Ed Zero Waste Research Newsletters

For 2021 

o Continue outreach as requested.  Improve Campus Council website. 


  • NRC web site input survey input
  • 2020 Library involvement was reduced without University of Colorado support.
  • Higher Ed COVID survey promoted
  • NRC Diversion, Equity, and Inclusion Committee contacted for collaboration
  • Contributed to Sustainable Materials Management section of America’s Zero-Carbon Action Plan

For 2021

o Continue collaboration as requested.

o NRC Library discussion and decisions (utility? other resources? member access? mgt? budget?

o Survey leadership of other campus organizations to update 2015 White Paper.



  • Outstanding Higher Education program:  University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension/Sarasota County- Waste Reduction Program
  • Bill Heenan Emerging Leader Award: Jacob Appel

For 2021

o better promotion of awards program

o profile winners



  • Explored Murray J Fox Endowment’s loan repayment issues and accounting terms
  • Successful 2020 program – “great efforts in selecting the 2020 Scholarship Awardees – truly an outstanding group and very much in keeping with Dad’s goals and desires in creating the Scholarship Fund.”

For 2021 

o Chart process for the 2021 scholarship selections.

o Propose 2021 scholarship process with Scholarship Committee and the Fox family

o Enlist previous Scholars. Prioritize courses of study.

o Consider Linkdin page.



NRC SRM Standards Certification

  • Michigan referral
  • Campus requests

GreenEducation.US courses

For 2021 

o Lead Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management Infrastructure course for

o Author article on profiles, effectiveness, and recommendations for training and certification programs.

o Compile training materials.  Evaluate alternatives to University of Colorado’s management of the Library.



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