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2020 NRC Awards

Congratulations 2020 NRC Award Winners!



NRC Awards – Nominations Due
October 1, 2020 at 5pm Eastern!


The National Recycling Coalition announces the “Call for Nominations” for the 2020 Awards – with awards presented at the Resource Recycling Conference August 26-28, 2019 in New Orleans.  Spread the word – Quick Turnaround!!    Nominate the best programs or individual you know in the following categories.

The criteria for each award follow.  Nominate a worthy candidate (you may self-nominate) by clicking on the following link.  For questions, please contact Lisa Skumatz at [email protected], or at 360-261-3069.  Deadline listed above, so get your nominations in!

ALL YOU NEED IS TO DO is prepare two word documents – a summary of 150 words and then a document of 500 words or less that addresses the criteria noted for your award (label each criteria section). The specific criteria are listed in the table below.   Then upload it below.

Click here when you are ready to upload the award form (FORM OFFLINE UNTIL 2021 AWARDS)

You will need
:  Contact information for yourself and the nominee, 150 word summary, and up to 500 words addressing all the criteria relevant for your award (see checkmarks below).  The criteria for the higher education award should discuss: recycling-related degree programs and career services, applied research / tech transfer, and links with recycling industries.

The criteria for other awards are listed in the following table (effects, longevity, innovation, and economics).  For all awards prepare two word documents – 150 word summary and 500 words or less on how your nominee meets the criteria.  Then cut and paste the documents into the survey monkey form link above.

1.        NRC’s Lifetime Achievement Award– recognizing an outstanding individual with a lifetime of leadership and dedication to the field of recycling.

2.        Bill Heenan Emerging Leader Award – recognizing an outstanding individual aged 35 or under who has emerged as a leader in the field.

3.        Outstanding Recycling Organization – awarded to a State Recycling Organization with outstanding growth, programs, leadership, or which has made a substantial impact on the field.

4.        Outstanding Business Leadership – awarded to a for-profit company showing leadership, innovation, and success as a corporate model in recycling and diversion.

5.        Outstanding Non-Profit Business Leadership – awarded to a not-for-profit company showing leadership, innovation, and success as a corporate model in recycling and diversion.

6.        Outstanding Community or Government Program – awarded to a public (community / governmental) program showing innovation, progress, or success as a model for other public programs.

7.        Outstanding Outreach Program – awarded to public, nonprofit or other entities showing leadership, creativity, quality, and success in diversion outreach.

8.        Outstanding Higher Education Program – awarded to a college / university with an exceptional program in recycling or in connecting higher education and the industry in the areas of degrees, tech transfer, career services, etc.


Effect on recycling / Hierarchy & Tons Coverage / longevity Innovation / leadership / cutting edge Program Economics Special criteria for Higher Education (noted above)
Lifetime Achievement (extra points if available)
Bill Heenan Emerging Leader (extra points if available)
Outstanding Recycling Organization
Outstanding For-Profit Business Leadership
Outstanding Non-Profit Business Leadership
Outstanding Community or Government Program
Outstanding Outreach
Outstanding Higher Education Program