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Board of Directors Nominating Slate of Candidates

Maggie Clarke

As a Ph.D. zero waste researcher, consultant, and educator, I want to continue to contribute to NRC by creating programs to keep members and the public well-informed and engaged in furthering recycling. I conceived and worked to establish the NRC Library to organize a clearinghouse of useful recycling information, educational programs, and webinars for the benefit of NRC members, the ROC and the public. I will use my decades organizing conferences for other organizations and testifying at legislatures and agencies to assist the critical mission of NRC’s outreach to legislatures and the press. I’d like to serve NRC in researching and gathering information and producing white papers on topics like the impact on climate change of using zero waste solutions like recycling, and methods of recycling and reuse measurement, I’d like to assist the policy committee to update and create new policies in light of zero waste. I can help NRC by continuing to plan for the Zero Waste Conference.

Colleen Foster

Support and foster a greater nexus between California zero waste focused legislation and policy from the local, state, to National level. Work to find common ground, language, and zero waste focused upstream as well as downstream solutions across the United States. Learn from other States and organizations their challenges, and their solutions for moving recycling to a sustainable materials management system and model.

Bob Gedert

As partners within the National Recycling Coalition, we collectively can work together to support recycling collection and processing programs throughout North America, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

I desire to meet with RO representatives and define a partnership path that serves the NRC membership.

I desire to offer my time and energies within the NRC for these activities: Re-establishing a Rapid-Response Team to respond quickly to attacks on local recycling programs (upon request from the recycling program managers); Being a part of the Strategic Plan leadership team; Offering my assistance in Fund Development; Offering to assist in re-establishing an Executive Director

As we move forward throughout 2020-2021, I wish to present these 8 Pillars of Focus as the NRC Board forms its Strategic Plans: Inclusion and Diversity; Partnerships; Collaboration; Leadership; Relevancy; Activism; Innovation; Urgency.

Together, We Are Recycling

Wayne Gjerde

To continue to make the NRC the voice for recycling.

Continue to build the influence and reach of the NRC.

Marta Keane 

Finding a sustainable funding source while also defining our mission as both an educational group and an advocacy organization. Communications are key to our members, so they understand what we are doing, which is why I look forward to continuing to serve on the Communications Committee.

Leslie Lukacs

As a current Board of Director of NRC, my goal is to help perpetuate NRC as being the national voice of recycling. This would be accomplished through education and policy and in collaboration with state recycling organizations and like-minded organizations. I am currently the co-Chair of NRC’s 2020 National Zero Waste National Virtual Conference and was the prior co-Chair of the National Zero Waste Conference which was cancelled due to Covid. I appreciate your support in continuing to serve NRC as a Board Member.

Olivia Sanchez

To be an advocate to advance sustainable material management practices. Ensure timely and relevant progress is made in the areas of waste reduction and diversion.

Lisa Skumatz, Ph.D.

I will focus on raising NRC’s profile to make it the go-to national source for reliable information on recycling/diversion, and a respected organization to bring together all stakeholder voices in the “chain” (production to disposal, policy, planning, etc.)

NRC’s reputation/service can grow through: partnerships with organizations on visible initiatives; support for/work with state associations; and periodic outreach to the public, policymakers and members on recycling topics. NRC needn’t be big/expensive, but must focus and be an efficient conduit of credible/timely industry and policy information.

If elected I will run for Chair to keep meetings contributive and productive and will introduce topic/issue discussions to keep NRC current on national/regional issues, press, and controversies worth tracking/addressing. I will re-introduce Board/state liaisons and add liaisons to organizations (SWANA, KAB, NRDC, etc.) to scout issue partnership opportunities and will build up website resources.

Martie Solomon

To help continue recycling education and to keep us from sliding backwards due to COVID. I would like to see more industry started using recyclables as feed stock here in the US rather than have to send things overseas.

Cynthia Vant Hul 

Bring a Southern California perspective and experience with strict state and local regulations, program implementation, training of future Resource & Recycling Specialist/Coordinators and to connect with members from other non-California states member on how solid waste management impacts their daily lives.

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