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Peter Adrian, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, Illinois

Peter AdrianPeter Adrian has been an active member of the National Recycling Coalition through his involvement in the Illinois Recycling Association and through his attendance at NRC Congresses and Resource Recycling Conferences. As an active member of the Illinois Recycling Association, he served on the IRA Board of Directors from 2001 to 2010. Peter began his career in 1994 as the Director of Recycling Services at Northern Illinois University. In 1997,  he took on the position of Solid Waste Coordinator for DeKalb County, Illinois and in 2001 began his current position with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, Illinois where he has assisted 42 Lake County municipalities with various recycling and waste reduction initiatives. Peter serves as board member of the Illinois Counties Solid Waste Management Association and maintains memberships with Solid Waste Association of North America, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition.

Richard Anthony, Director, Zero Waste San Diego

Richard Anthony was instrumental in the formation of the NRC and served on the NRC Board from 1980 – 1993. He has served on the California Resource Recovery Board for over 40 years.
Richard is once again looking forward to adding insights and guidance to the NRC.


Maggie Clarke

As a Ph.D. zero waste researcher, consultant, and educator, I want to continue to contribute to NRC by creating programs to keep members and the public well-informed and engaged in furthering recycling. I conceived and worked to establish the NRC Library to organize a clearinghouse of useful recycling information, educational programs, and webinars for the benefit of NRC members, the ROC and the public. I will use my decades organizing conferences for other organizations and testifying at legislatures and agencies to assist the critical mission of NRC’s outreach to legislatures and the press. I’d like to serve NRC in researching and gathering information and producing white papers on topics like the impact on climate change of using zero waste solutions like recycling, and methods of recycling and reuse measurement, I’d like to assist the policy committee to update and create new policies in light of zero waste. I can help NRC by continuing to plan for the Zero Waste Conference.

Cheryl Coleman

Cheryl Coleman

I would like to see the Board have more national visibility and specific actions to achieve that visibility. I would also like to see more coordination with other recycling associations like SERDC and NERC to develop programming related to recycling. 

I have >30 years of experience in environmental management. I worked for the SC DHEC for 28 years and 10 years at US EPA. I was a Senior Executive during my tenure at US EPA.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hampton University and Master’s degree in Biology from the University of SC

Alec Cooley, Senior Advisor to Busch Systems

Alec Cooley

Alec has over 25 years of experience in the recycling field, most recently as senior advisor to Busch Systems. He began his career as an operations manager for the Arcata Community Recycling Center, before spending nine years at Humboldt State University managing the school’s solid waste and recycling programs. Alec next worked as a project manager for the National Recycling Coalition from 2006 to 2009. Between 2009 and 2018 he served as director of recycling program at Keep America Beautiful, where he oversaw public space recycling initiatives including grant programs, research projects and development of resources to expand and improve recycling in away-from-home settings. Through his positions at NRC and KAB, he also served as the program manager for both the RecycleMania competition and College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC) Webinar Series between 2006 and 2018. Alec served on the boards of the CRRA (2002 to 2006) and the CRA (2010 to 2012).

Colleen Foster

Support and foster a greater nexus between California zero waste focused legislation and policy from the local, state, to National level. Work to find common ground, language, and zero waste focused upstream as well as downstream solutions across the United States. Learn from other States and organizations their challenges, and their solutions for moving recycling to a sustainable materials management system and model.

Bob Gedert – NRC Board President

As partners within the National Recycling Coalition, we collectively can work together to support recycling collection and processing programs throughout North America, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

I desire to meet with RO representatives and define a partnership path that serves the NRC membership.

I desire to offer my time and energies within the NRC for these activities: Re-establishing a Rapid-Response Team to respond quickly to attacks on local recycling programs (upon request from the recycling program managers); Being a part of the Strategic Plan leadership team; Offering my assistance in Fund Development; Offering to assist in re-establishing an Executive Director

As we move forward throughout 2020-2021, I wish to present these 8 Pillars of Focus as the NRC Board forms its Strategic Plans: Inclusion and Diversity; Partnerships; Collaboration; Leadership; Relevancy; Activism; Innovation; Urgency.

Together, We Are Recycling

Wayne Gjerde

To continue to make the NRC the voice for recycling.

Continue to build the influence and reach of the NRC.

Marta Keane 

Finding a sustainable funding source while also defining our mission as both an educational group and an advocacy organization. Communications are key to our members, so they understand what we are doing, which is why I look forward to continuing to serve on the Communications Committee.

David Keeling

Mr. Keeling holds a B.S. in Marketing from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Mr. Keeling currently serves as Chair of the Pi Sigma Epsilon National Education Foundation which supports sales and marketing education and provides scholarships to college students interested in sales and marketing careers. He is a Past National President of the Pi Sigma Epsilon, Inc.

Leslie Lukacs

As a current Board of Director of NRC, my goal is to help perpetuate NRC as being the national voice of recycling. This would be accomplished through education and policy and in collaboration with state recycling organizations and like-minded organizations. I am currently the co-Chair of NRC’s 2020 National Zero Waste National Virtual Conference and was the prior co-Chair of the National Zero Waste Conference which was cancelled due to Covid. I appreciate your support in continuing to serve NRC as a Board Member.

Mary McClellan, Executive Director, Carolina Recycling Association

Mary McClellan has served as the Executive Director of the Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) for 2 years.  CRA is an avid supporter of the NRC and an active ROC member.  She has proudly contributed to the recycling industry as an operations specialist for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, as a local government recycling program manager, and in the private sector as a government liaison.  These many roles have provided an in depth comprehension of the may motivations, interests, and moving parts that make up sustainable materials management.  She believes that communication, truth, and clarity among all stakeholders are the key to progress and success in our industry.  She has been involved with NRC in some capacity for over a decade and believes it is vital that as a nation, we have a national coalition that not only represents the interests of the industry but also provides an intellectual and professional hub for all stakeholders.  She believes the NRC is the best and nerdiest national recycling organization around, and would like to keep it that way.  Recycling Nerds Unite!

Arley Owens – Executive Director at Ohio Recycling Coalition

Arley Owens has mastered the art of networking and creating innovative education and outreach events, programs and campaigns for the recycling industry.  He is the founder of Earth 1 Eco-Enterprises and has published the critically acclaimed Eco-Thriller Comic Book Series titled “Earth Team Green.” He has also written 3 screen plays.

He holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Phoenix and a BA in Communications from the Ohio State University.  He has worked as a top-level administrator for the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources for a plethora of years and two of his major strengths include his ability to create and promote outreach events and to expand the professional network of this organization into uncharted territory.

A seasoned professional environmental Keynote and Speaker, Sustainability and Recycling Consultant, Climate Change Crusader, Publisher of the critically acclaimed, “Earth Team Green Eco-Thriller Comic Books” for the classroom series, Eco- Screenwriter, Eco-Networking Specialist, Eco-Events Planner and Coordinator. Founder of the Ohio Recycling Coalition, Earth Team Green, Earth 1 Eco-Enterprises and TDT Productions.

Marialyce Pedersen, NRC Secretary

Marialyce Pederson

Marialyce is a widely experienced global sustainability, circular economy, zero waste expert with an emphasis on waste prevention and reuse. She has a policy research, development and program implementation background (municipal and private sector) including responsible purchasing, green building, extended producer responsibility, forestry and electronics recycling certification (FSC, PEFC), healthy cleaning, home and municipal composting, compostable food ware. Marialyce was a Senior Policy Analyst for Disney Corporate Citizenship, 2003-2019 and she developed curriculum and taught Resource Management and Zero Waste Business course under a 2012-2013 Department of Labor Green Jobs grant, which became a model for other courses nationally. She is a co-author of bestselling book, Backyard Composting (1992) with over 600,000 books in print and author of Keep It Off the Curb, a municipal guide to home compost program implementation (1994). Marialyce is an early home compost program educator (1990-1994), a competent Toastmaster, a skilled public presenter. She is creative, innovative and optimistic.

Lisa Skumatz, Ph.D. – NRC Board Chairperson

I will focus on raising NRC’s profile to make it the go-to national source for reliable information on recycling/diversion, and a respected organization to bring together all stakeholder voices in the “chain” (production to disposal, policy, planning, etc.)

NRC’s reputation/service can grow through: partnerships with organizations on visible initiatives; support for/work with state associations; and periodic outreach to the public, policymakers and members on recycling topics. NRC needn’t be big/expensive, but must focus and be an efficient conduit of credible/timely industry and policy information.

If elected I will run for Chair to keep meetings contributive and productive and will introduce topic/issue discussions to keep NRC current on national/regional issues, press, and controversies worth tracking/addressing. I will re-introduce Board/state liaisons and add liaisons to organizations (SWANA, KAB, NRDC, etc.) to scout issue partnership opportunities and will build up website resources.

Martie Solomon

To help continue recycling education and to keep us from sliding backwards due to COVID. I would like to see more industry started using recyclables as feed stock here in the US rather than have to send things overseas.

Cynthia Vant Hul 

Bring a Southern California perspective and experience with strict state and local regulations, program implementation, training of future Resource & Recycling Specialist/Coordinators and to connect with members from other non-California states member on how solid waste management impacts their daily lives.

Honorary Lifetime Board Members

Gary Liss

Gary Liss has over 30 years of experience in the solid waste and recycling field. Mr. Liss is now President of his own consulting firm, Gary Liss & Associates (GLA). Mr. Liss is a leading advocate of Zero Waste and has helped more communities develop Zero Waste plans than anyone else in the U.S., including: City of Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Oakland, Burbank, San Jose, City of Alameda, and Del Norte County in CA; Austin (TX); Nelson (BC); Telluride (CO); the Big Island of Hawaii (HI) and Arkadelphia (AR). He is now working on a Zero Waste Plan for the City of Glendale CA, researching best practices for franchising and procurement in Zero Waste communities, assisting in development of CRRA and California Works Alliance Recycling & Resource Management training, and helping to implement the Austin Zero Waste Plan. 
Mr. Liss also helps clients to harness the forces of the marketplace to waste less and recycle more through: Municipal Procurement of Garbage and Recycling Systems; Strategic Analyses of Garbage Rates and Solid Waste Fees; Development of Commercial Recycling Incentives and Programs; Policy and Program Analysis & Advocacy; and Organizing Resource Recovery Parks. He was recently invited to be a technical resource person for the Clinton Climate Initiative to assist on major urban projects.

Mr. Liss was one of the authors of the Definition of Zero Waste, Zero Waste Business Principles and Global Principles for Zero Waste Communities adopted by the Zero Waste International Alliance.
Mr. Liss was a founder and past President of the National Recycling Coalition and was Secretary to the California State Senate Task Force on Waste Management in 1989, which led to the adoption of AB939 and related recycling legislation in California. He was a founder of the California Sustainable Business Council. He is a founder and Boardmember of the Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA), the GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) and the Zero Waste Brain Trust. The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) selected him as Recycler of the Year in 2005. In 2008 he was elected to Council in his home town of Loomis, CA and was Mayor in 2010.

Mr. Liss was also Solid Waste Program Manager for the City of San Jose. He initiated and managed their nationally recognized model recycling programs, which resulted in their current overall diversion rate of 62%. He also worked to stimulate competition and harness the forces of the marketplace to achieve the City’s policy goals. Mr. Liss also saved San Jose more than $77 million over the next 30 years through competitive awards of a $200 million 30 year Disposal Contract and a $200 million 7 year Collection Contract. Previously, Mr. Liss was Resource Recovery Director for the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Assistant Administrator for Alternate Technology for the New Jersey Department of Energy.

Mr. Liss taught “Economics of Solid Waste and Recycling” at San Jose State University and the University of California at Santa Cruz, Extension Certificate Programs in Integrated Waste Management. He has also lectured extensively at other universities and professional association meetings and conferences. He is now a lecturer in the CRRA Resource Management Certificate Program on “Clean Production,” “Intro to Zero Waste,” “Zero Waste Businesses” and “Zero Waste Communities.” He recently became a key advisor to the California Works Alliance, to help implement a $5 million US Department of Labor grant to train people in Recycling and Resource Management. He has a Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University and a Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering major) from Tufts University. 

Mark Lichtenstein

Mr. Lichtenstein has more than 30 years of experience with sustainability and environmental stewardship. He is Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Sustainability in the President’s Office of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). He is also serving an eighth term as president and CEO of the National Recycling Coalition, Inc.; previously he was president during the 1990s. Recently, he was Executive Director of the Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions and Environmental Finance Center. Lichtenstein has been facilitating the Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Recycling Partnerships, and is an active member and co-facilitator of the Vieques Sustainability Task Force (a strategy of the Presidential Task Force on Puerto Rico). He is a faculty associate in the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration at Syracuse’s Maxwell School, and is an instructor at ESF. He is engaged with efforts throughout the US, and in Belize, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Mexico focused on sustainability issues. Lichtenstein served as an expert witness to the Federal Environmental Finance Advisory Board. He has a Master of Arts in Public Administration, and a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Conflict Resolution, both from the Maxwell School, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from ESF. He has certified mediator training, is an experienced interest-based negotiator and process facilitator, and is a certified public participation specialist.

Jerry Powell
Jerry Powell is the founder and former executive editor of Resource Recycling, Inc., which publishes Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling Update and E-Scrap News. He previously owned and managed a recycling consulting company and managed a recycling business in Portland, Ore.

Other Regular Board Contributors

Bob Bylone – NRC ROC Chair
Robert (Bob) J. Bylone,
President and Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC), leads a state-wide team to bring markets development assistance to an extensive list of stakeholders including entrepreneurs, manufacturers, recycled material processors, recycling programs, haulers, and agency officials.

Jack DeBell – NRC Campus Council


BAS Environmental Studies, Organizational Management, University of Colorado, 1984


  • Work-Study Recycling Employee, University of Colorado 1979-1984

  • Program Specialist/Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services, 1985-2000

  • Development Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services, 2000-present


Task Forces/Advisory Boards

  • Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board, 2005-present

  • Chair, Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board. 2006-2007

  • Special Liaison, National Recycling Coalition Board of Directors. 2006-present

  • Steering Committee, College and University Recycling Council. 1993-2008

  • State Waste Diversion Advisory Committee, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. 1/94-6/95

  • Board of Directors, National Recycling Coalition. 10/92-10/94

  • Boulder County Solid Waste Task Force. 9/92-3/94

  • Curriculum Development Committee, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. 2/90-9/93

  • Technical Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Peer Match Program. 8/88-6/91

  • Citizen Advisory Committee, State of Colorado Environment 2000 Project. 9/87-9/89

  • Boulder County Solid Waste Advisory Committee. 2/85-2/88


Bob Hollis – CEO, Mobius Intelligent Systems, NRC Technologist

Bob Hollis is the Co-founder of Mobius Intelligent Systems, a progressive technology services provider that applies open source software solutions to help organizations with a public benefit mission achieve their objectives.  His web development clients include numerous recycling organizations, non-profit organizations, and public agencies. 

Mr. Hollis has served as a board member or business and technology advisor to a variety of organizations including the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), California Integrated Waste Management Board, National Recycling Coalition, Recycling Organizations of North America, California Sustainable Business Council, Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI), and Universal Remediation, an award winning oil spill clean-up company based in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the recipient of the CRRA Service Award, Keep America Beautiful Innovation Award, Keep California Beautiful Volunteer of the Year Award, and multiple Carlson Learning Company Gold Consultant Awards.  Mr. Hollis has served as a non-partisan elected public official in El Dorado County, CA, and as a Hearing Board Member for the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District.

Bob has presented on subjects related to technology, web development, social media, and electronic outreach at numerous events on behalf of organizations including the U.S Zero Waste Business Council , California Resource Recovery Association, The Northern California Recycling Association, The Illinois Recycling Association, New Noise Music Conference, and the US EPA Science and Technology Council. His educational background includes a BS in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a graduate business and liberal arts education at the University of Chicago, graduate studies in Environmental Management at Harvard University, and continuing studies in Web and Social Media Technologies at Stanford University.


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