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Doodle Poll: Moving the Board Meeting To the Third or Fourth Friday of the Month


As was discussed at last week's BOD meeting, we are looking at moving the monthly meeting (back to) the 3rd or 4th Friday of the month for the remainder of this Board season (until elections in August). Our current early in the month, mid-week meeting time is proving difficult for those who are traveling and attending conferences/meetings mid-week and the NRC's financial reports are more accurate and reflective of actuals at the end of the month.

With that in mind, please complete the following Doodle Polls to provide information on preferred Friday (third or fourth) and preferred time (noon - 2 p.m. ET or 1 - 3 p.m ET).

Please take the minute to complete the poll right away. We would like to schedule the May Board meeting as soon as possible.



Housekeeping Items:
Board Meeting Access Information/Access to Agendas
  • Information for Board meetings (including Go to Webinar access, meeting agendas, meeting documents and general meeting management) is available on the NRC website. Agendas and other documents will not be sent out via email in order to reduce email traffic (and because agendas and documents change many times prior to the start of BOD meetings).
  • Previous Board meeting information (agendas, approved minutes, audio) is available on the NRC website (on a newly created page).
  • Board meetings will be held using Go to Webinar. Please make sure you are using the most updated version of this application.
  • Depending on your comfort level with using Go to Meeting, please plan on logging into the meeting a few minutes early to check your settings. The meeting administrator will make the meeting available at least 15 minutes prior to start time.
  • Please make sure your computer/phone is on mute during the meeting. The Go to Webinar interface is able to pick up even discreet sounds (typing, etc).
  • Committee leads should have all reports or other meeting documents submitted at least one full day prior to the meeting date.
  • All NRC Board meetings are recorded and available on the Previous Board meeting page one to two days after the meeting has been held.
  • NRC members may register and attend NRC Board meetings. If there is any information that is not ready to share with the NRC membership, please note that fact when submitting it for inclusion in the Board information.
  • In future, Board-only material can be made available on the NRC website in Board only area (currently that is called Board Member Access). Before we use this area of the web platform, all NRC Board members will need to be familiar with accessing the member only areas of the NRC website. More information will come about this.
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