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January 1, 2020

2020 U.S. National Zero Waste Conference

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March 18 & 19, 2020

UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA

The National Zero Waste Conference is a two day educational and networking event organized by the National Recycling Coalition as their contribution to Zero Waste Week. The National Zero Waste Conference is ticketed independent of other Zero Waste Week events.

A panoply of real zero waste rock stars will be speaking and making themselves available for collaboration with attendees at the first annual National Zero Waste Conference at UC Berkeley in March 2020. Don’t miss it—register today!

Nina Bellucci Butler, CEO of MORE Recycling, is one of the world’s leading experts on plastics recycling. Hopeful, optimistic and visionary, Nina and her team have been providing research and data and facilitating powerful conversations between recyclers, processors and end-users to overcome barriers and drive demand for recycled plastics for more than 20 years. The More team has recently co-developed a markets-based tool, The InfoExchange, which provides a platform for generators, end-users, NGOs and municipalities to collect and share information to grow the Circular Economy.

Nina will participate in a panel discussion on finding markets for hard-to-recycle materials, and hard answers from her and other real experts will be provided. She'll also be part of a forum on the NRC's Buy Recycled Campaign, with Gina Wu Lee (Upcycler's Network); Alicia Culver (Responsible Purchasing Network); Susan Kinsella (Conservatree); and Sarah O'Brien, (Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council).

Register today for the National Zero Waste Conference 2020, March 18th and 19th.

Contact us for sponsorship information.

Click here for more information about this upcoming event and here for an event flyer.
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The Price of Convenience

FEBRUARY 11, 2020

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
County of San Diego’s County Operations Center (COC), 5520 Overland Dr., San Diego, CA 92123

California Resource Recovery Association

The NRC/CRRA Market Development Workshop scheduled on November 13th has been rescheduled for February 11, 2020 and will take place at the County of San Diego's County Operations Center. Registration information can be found here.

The event will feature a robust dialogue about recycling market development and will help attendees develop a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and current trends that are supporting market development for recovered materials. Participants will learn about state and local opportunities to enhance local economies by making productive use of the materials collected in the state and region

Attendees will learn and share in facilitated, interactive discussions that aim to build understanding about the nuts and bolts of the process, identify successes, allies, and potential financing opportunities, and meet potential partners that will help close the loop on domestic recycled material markets.

Draft Agenda

Opening Remarks/Keynote
Policies and Politics
Circular Economy in Zero Waste/Alliance for Resource Efficiency
Who is Responsible for Clean-up?
Waste Characterization, Defining Recycling Markets/RMDZ
Primary and Secondary MRFs
Economic Drivers of Recycling Market Development
Economic Case for Recycling
Cross Border Strategies in Cali Baja Region
Building Economic Opportunities in Southern California
Reuse & Repurpose, Recycle Center/Start an RPP
Local Representatives
Large Venues
Microplastics in the Human Food Chain
Nuisance Lawsuits, Brand Audits
Zero Waste Family - How can I go towards Zero?
Zero Waste Training - Getting ZERO Certified
Q/A and Closing


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Illinois Recycling Association

The Illinois Recycling Association (IRA), a not-for-profit 501c(6) organization, was formed in 1980 as the Illinois Association of Recycling Centers. The name was changed to IRA in 1990. The association’s membership consists of municipal, county and state recycling coordinators, businesses, haulers and processors, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, consultants, manufacturers of recycled-content products and individuals interested in the industry. Over the past five years the organization has struggled and splinter organizations have risen to fill in the gaps and keep Illinois moving forward. However, this past year they are celebrating as they launched a new website, held a successful conference in September, promoted a member with a tour of a refurbished MRF in November and are in the midst of adding a 501c(3) status in the new year to expand educational efforts. The IRA is remaining true to their guiding principles of:
  • Providing educational leadership through forums, programs, and materials for the exchange of information and ideas
  • Promoting waste reduction, re-use and recycling through public education
  • Promoting market development that encourages sound recycling initiatives
  • Acting as a voice for the recycling community on state legislative and policy matters
More information and membership details for the Illinois Recycling Association can be found at


FOR 2020!

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Thanks to all of our member agencies for their continued support of the NRC. In 2019, the NRC offered a number of well attended and highly acclaimed Market Development Workshops and in 2020, more to Workshops and a National Zero Waste Conference I on the horizon in the early part of the year. Without your continued support, these opportunities would not be possible.

Invoices for 2020 membership dues have been sent out to all of our affiliated recycling organizations and direct members. Please send along payment at your earliest convenience. Checks can be sent to PO Box 731, Erie, CO 80516 or payments can be made through the PayPal link in the invoice.

Please consider joining the NRC as a direct member and encourage your recycling peers to do so as well. Your support is important to us. It is in easy to join the NRC!

From all of us at the NRC we wish you a happy and healthy New Year full of recycling!

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