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Day 1 Sessions At-A-Glance

*All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time
8:15 AM - Plenary: Roadmap To A Zero Waste Business: Strategies From Beginners To Experts
9:00 AM - Keynote: Mary Curtiss – Circularity at HP Across the Value Chain
9:30 AM - Plenary: Metrics and Tools for the Invisible Bins: Reduce and Reuse

10:45 AM - Concurrent Sessions:
-Climbing The ZW Hierarchy To Highest And Best Use
-Introducing The Newest R’s: Rethink, Redesign, Re-Innovate
-Do Circular Products Make A Zero Waste Economy?
-Why Certification Matters To People, Planet And Profit
-Synergy Wins in Producer Responsibility
11:45 AM - Sponsor Showcase

12:15 PM - Keynote: Nina Bellucci Butler – In Transition from Business as Usual to a New

12:45 PM - Concurrent Sessions:
-Recycling Market Development And Infrastructure
-Culture Change & Employee Engagement
-Best Practices In ZW Contracting With Service Providers
-Increasing Your Bottom-Line By Measuring What Matters

1:45 PM - Plenary: Zero Waste Events: From Meetings to Sporting Events
2:45 PM - Plenary: Zero Waste Construction, Deconstruction and Design
3:45 PM - Plenary: Creating A Zero Waste Economy For All
4:00 PM - Happy Hour, Networking and Sponsor Showcase

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National Zero Waste Virtual Conference (NZWC)
December 8-9, 2021,
Note: The Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA)
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