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June 2022
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Conference Corner: NRC Congress Update

2022 NRC Congress Early Bird Registration Open Now
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The 2022 [Virtual] National Recycling Congress will be held November 9-10 with Early Bird savings available now through July 31. The NRC Congress is a two-day virtual conference covering information on a wide range of session topics and tracks, including waste prevention and reuse, market development, basic and advanced recycling, organics, policy and legislation, and more!

Last year, more than 400 recycling professionals came together for the NRC Congress and 2022 is shaping up to bring important and relevant content to all those working in the recycling industry -- all levels of government, non-profit organizations, sustainable businesses, campuses and more.

NRC thanks our sponsors of the 2022 NRC Congress, including:
Gold Level: ISRI and Re-TRAC Connect
Silver Level: Balcones Resources and SCS Engineers
Bronze Level: Bob Gedert
Media Sponsor: Resource Recycling Magazine

NRC Congress provides many unique opportunities for you to get your brand and message in front of hundreds of attendees. We invite you to support the conference with a Sponsorship at any level today. Learn more.

One- and two-day conference registrations available, and State Recycling Organizations (SROs) again receive complementary tickets (two to affiliated SROs and one to non-affiliated SROs). The Large Organization registration offers non-profit and government agencies up to 50 registrations from a single organization at the cost of only $1000. At that rate, your entire staff can attend and benefit from this year's event. No matter your registration preference, register by July 31 to take advantage of Early Bird discounts and to secure your seat for the premier recycling event of the year!

More about the National Recycling Congress

In Defense of Recycling...Again and Always

by Marialyce Pedersen, NRC Board Secretary

Longtime recyclers and NRC members are well-acquainted with obstacles to and detractors of recycling. Attacks on the viability of our industry have been present since the beginnings of recycling, and were certainly apparent when the NRC was formed in 1978. We recognize inaction and unfairness, and appreciate provocative approaches that garner appropriate responses by recyclers, community leaders and legislators in North America.

However, The Atlantic’s extensively circulated May 2022 article, Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work and Never Will, by guest authors Judith Enck (former EPA Administrator, president of Beyond Plastics and visiting professor at Bennington College) and Jan Dell (Last Beach Cleanup), was unnecessarily bleak and will likely result in continued eroding of the public’s confidence and participation in their regional recycling programs...Read More

Resource Recycling Conference

The Resource Recycling annual conference will be held August 15-17 in Austin, Texas. Industry-leading speakers are booked and compelling sessions have been scheduled, including a "Future of the Packaging Stream" workshop, chemical recycling panels and a "Getting Real on Plastics" presentation. NRC members and affiliates receive an additional 10% discount on conference registrations. If you're not sure if you qualify, reach out to NRC or to your state recycling organization to find out if you are eligible and obtain a members-only discount registration code ASAP. You can also join NRC as a direct member to receive this discount.

UNDO Targets Cigarette Butt & Vape Cartridge Environmental Impacts

by Marialyce Pedersen, NRC Board Secretary

Expanding their 30-year focus beyond health impacts of cigarette smoking “to restore every Californian’s right to health and wellness,” the California Department of Public Health has launched and funded a new initiative, UNDO, to publicize the environmental toxicity of cigarettes, cigarette butts and vaping cartridges, with an intent to finally “hold industry accountable.",,,Read More

How & When to Apply for Federal Funding, Part 2

Recordings Available

The National Recycling Coalition and Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center hosted a second webinar all about how you can access federal funding!

Pats for PET Circularity

by Marialyce Pedersen, NRC Board Secretary

Plastics recycling roadblocks are resolved by building effective coalitions and providing necessary funding to overcome infrastructure limitations. During its four decades of existence, the National Recycling Coalition has sought to amplify necessary and potentially meaningful initiatives, such as the June 2022 launch of the PET Recycling Coalition (PET RC), to improve PET (plastic #1) circularity...Read More

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Rebuilding the Recycling Brand
Recycling has taken a big hit as media stories about market disruptions, cutbacks to local programs and revelations about contaminated recyclables going to the landfill have reinforced an impression that recycling is “broken” or even a fraud. Despite the very-real problems that exist, recycling remains a resilient and critical element to building a circular economy. But even as markets bounce back, there is a long-term risk that negative perceptions of recycling will cause many to question why they should bother. In this blog, I argue that we need to focus public messaging on rebuilding the public’s faith in recycling. That it is, in fact, worth the effort....Read More
Signage Above Bins Improves Recycling
When it comes to recycling and waste bins in public spaces, most program managers are familiar with best practices like using color distinction and restrictive openings to minimize contamination. A 2019 project by the University of Georgia (UGA) demonstrated another, less recognized practice: placing signage above the bin. This blog reviews the findings of the UGA project and other academic research showing how signage at or close to eye level provides a visual prompt that can improve recovery and reduce contamination by 20% or more....Read More

National Zero Waste Conference is Coming Soon

Zero Waste USA is hosting the third annual National Zero Waste Conference again this Fall virtually over two days, November 30-December 1 2022. The popular two-day Zoom event will feature national experts discussing hot topics and emerging trends. The 2020 and 2021 conferences each attracted over 460 registrants. A diverse range of sectors took part including large and small businesses - lifestyle, reuse and refill shops, NGOs, government agencies and universities.

More information about the National Zero Waste Conference

Colorado Makes Big Moves in Recycling Policy

On June 3rd, Recycle Colorado, Eco-Cycle, and other stakeholders joined Representative Cutter, Senator Priola and Governor Jared Polis to sign HB22-1355, Producer Responsibility, and HB22-1159, Circular Economy and End Market Development.

"With the sun shining on a beautiful lake in Evergreen Colorado, a crowd of legislators, citizens, organizations and businesses watched Governor Polis sign HB22-1355 into law. These policies represent transformative change for Colorado and will set a model for other states to follow. The coalition of national and state businesses, local governments, environmental advocates, recyclers, and Recycle Colorado members celebrated the occasion on this gorgeous spring day. As Representative Cutter and Senator Priola expressed how excited they were to bring free recycling to all Coloradans (while improving the availability of materials for our local manufacturers), the moment was punctuated with the call and flight of a bald eagle. It was a glorious beginning to Colorado's new system of capturing the valuable material in our waste stream." -Liz Chapman, Executive Director of Recycle Colorado

Read the full story from Recycle Colorado

MRC Hosts 40th Conference With Special Awards

The Michigan Recycling Coalition hosted its 40th Annual Conference in May. The event had an especially celebratory feel as it was clear that the 350 attendees were happy to be together again. The event boasts two keynote presentations, this year featuring Dr. Wesley Schultz, an expert in the areas of behavior and attitude change, conservation psychology, and statistics and Dan Leif, Resource Recycling Managing Editor.

The event was marked by two significant initiatives. NextCycle Michigan Recycling Supply Chain and ROADS teams benefitted from key conference sessions and also participated in bootcamps that are designed to fast track development and articulation of business plans and a pitch that attracts needed funding and financing. These tracks are just two of the six being carried out in Michigan to accelerate the development of recycling markets and infrastructure.

MRC Executive Director Kerrin O’Brien, made an impassioned plea to members and attendees to mobilize for active support of an important legislative package that has stalled in the Senate. This rewrite of “Part 115” is a comprehensive update of Michigan solid waste laws and has broad bi-partisan support. Reporters in Michigan recently uncovered campaign contributions to the Senate Committee Chair from family of companies that own two Michigan landfills.

And finally, two of Michigan’s recycling leaders were surprised with awards to commemorate their weighty contributions. Matt Flechter from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy received a Chair’s Choice award for his visionary leadership and Kerrin O’Brien, MRC executive director received a Lifetime Achievement from the Board of Directors. The award was found on a beach, hand-crafted, wood burned with a poem written by MRC Board Chair Nick Carlson of Goodwill Industries of West Michigan. You can view the stunning award here.

Visit MRC for more info

Food for Job Hunters

Executive Director, Northeast Recycling Council
View the full position posting
NERC is seeking an experienced leader with well-developed management and facilitation skills who can broaden NERC’s impact on minimizing waste, conserving natural resources, and advancing a sustainable economy through facilitated collaboration and action. If you have any questions or suggestions for potential candidates or referral sources, contact Executive Search Consultant Anna Asphar, [email protected].

On a personal note, we would like to thank Lynn Rubinstein for her long-time service, dedication, and positive impact on advancing sustainability and recycling. Congratulations on your retirement Lynn!

Executive Director, Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA)
View the full position posting
The Board of Directors of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA) seeks an Executive Director with two areas of expertise and experience, first expertise in running a large scale waste disposal operation, including transport by truck to landfill, and second expertise in maximum waste diversion to greatly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, via innovative and comprehensive strategies that address as many materials and products as possible.

In Memory and Honor of Despina Kreatsoulas

With sadness, yet grateful hearts for the life and work of our colleague and friend Despina, we honor her life, memory, and contributions.

Please read this special message from Tracie Onstad Bills, CRRA Executive Director
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