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Dear Ms. Hamilton,

Thank you for renewing your membership with the National Recycling Coalition.

The recycling industry will face many challenges in 2019. The NRC has been working to develop programs and strategic alliances in order to make sure that the collective voice of our members is heard during the discussion on how to meet these challenges and to keep recycling moving forward.

The NRC Markets Council, which includes representatives from numerous affiliated recycling organizations, has organized several regional recycling market development workshops throughout the country. These workshops have served as a catalyst for the discussion on how to improve domestic markets, reduce contamination and improve our infrastructure for recycling programs. The content of these workshops are tailored to the needs of the recycling programs in their respective regions where they are held. The NRC plans to continue the conversations by organizing additional regional recycling market development workshops throughout the coming year. The NRC has also partnered with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) to implement these workshops and develop a “toolkit” of best practices for recycling market development that can be utilized by recycling professionals throughout the country.

The NRC is also working with More Recycling and the American Chemistry Council to host a web-based platform on recycled content products and information. Information about this program will be announced in 2019.

The NRC has also participated in the recycling industry group meetings of major associations such as ISRI, SWANA, NWRA, TRP, Closed Loop, ACC, AFandPA, NERC, SERDC and SPC, just to name a few. The purpose of this coalition is to work together to make sure that all of these organizations are delivering the same messages about reducing contamination and the right way to recycle to their respective constituents and audiences. The NRC and its affiliates have been well represented at this series of meetings as well as by fellow NRC board member, Robin Weiner.

The NRC and its affiliates were also represented at the USEPA’s Recycling Summit on November 15, 2018 in Washington, DC by Marjie Griek and NRC board members Fran McPoland, Tony Rios, Bill Turley and Robin Wiener. The NRC was one of 44 organizations to sign the pledge to work together to strengthen the state of recycling in the country.

The NRC is proud of its continued partnership with Resource Recycling Magazine at the 2018 Resource Recycling Conference held in St. Louis, MO. We look forward to continuing this partnership at the August 2019 Resource Recycling Conference in New Orleans, LA, where the NRC will be hosting its annual kick off reception, organizing three of the concurrent sessions, hosting the annual NRC market town hall, presenting its annual awards and scholarships, and conducting its annual members meeting, elections and the annual meeting of the Recycling Organizations Council (ROC). The NRC is also appreciative of the opportunity to provide periodic op-ed articles in the Resource Recycling Magazine about issues that are important to our members and affiliates.

Through its partnership with the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (PMRC), the NRC continues to present its series of webinars available at no charge to its members. The NRC and the PRMC plan to continue this educational programming for its members throughout 2019. The NRC and the PRMC have presented over 75 webinars since the inception of our program. Many of the past webinars can be viewed through the archives on the “resources” page of the NRC website: (

The NRC Markets Council has also instituted a series of quarterly calls/webinars on a variety of topics related to recycling market development. These quarterly call/webinars are open to any recycling or economic development professional who is interested in enhancing recycling market development in their state. This call/webinar have room for hundreds of participants so please feel free to invite your members and the economic development personnel in your state. Please contact the co-chairs of the NRC Markets Council, Wayne Gjerde ([email protected]) and Chantal Fryer ([email protected]) for more information.

In 2018, the NRC has developed and is currently in the process of populating its Resource Library for its members. This library will contain a large body of resources on all the various topics around waste diversion, including best practices, case studies and more. NRC Resource Library committee chair, Maggie Clarke ([email protected]) is working to develop protocol for all NRC members and affiliates to be able to contribute material for the NRC library. Please contact her for more information about the library and making a resource contribution.

The NRC Board will continue to serve its membership through rapid responsiveness to national recycling issues. The NRC has implemented a “Rapid Response Protocol” to insure a timely response to issues that arise concerning our industry. Numerous members of the NRC board have volunteered to serve on a ‘Rapid Response Team” to evaluate the need for and where appropriate, develop an articulate response.

It’s an exciting time of growth for NRC and we are very glad to have your organization be a part of that. We appreciate the work that you do, we are grateful for your engagement in recycling and the NRC in particular and thank you for your continued support and participation as an affiliate of NRC.


Dave Keeling, President
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