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Recycling Markets Outlook Forum!


We hope you enjoyed the National Recycling Coalition (NRC)/EPA/Renew Recycling Market Outlook Forum Webinar on April 30! Attached for your reference is the polling results compilation from the webinar as well as the recording (which can also be found on the NRC website).

Please let us know how we did on the webinar by taking our survey by no later than close of business 5/19/2020.

The NRC is active in reenergizing the recycling market development arena in the US, working to bring an interactive platform on recycling activities as well as more ways to Buy Recycled, investigating national policy needs, citizen engagement and participating in many more initiatives to elevate recycling nationally.To participate in all the great things that the NRC has to offer, below are some ways you can engage:

* Become a member of the NRC
* Donate to the NRC - We are a 501c3!
* Consider running for the NRC Boarof Directors (must be a member in good standing for a year) or be a designated representative of a state recycling organization that has been a member of NRC for at least one year.

Please email Sarah DeSouza, NRC Executive Director, if you are a member and would like to volunteer for one of our committees (Membership, Policy, Communications, Market Development, Fundraising, Conference, or the Campus Council).

Our vision is to advance the recycling economy in the US, and we want you to be a part of that. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Chantal Fryer and Wayne Gjerde

NRC Markets Co-Chairs

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Did you miss a webinar because you were on a different webinar while planning a webinar? Never fear! Many great webinars on COVID-19 in the Recycling Industry are available online for you to listen to, and some of them are actually quite positive! Ranging from markets to safety, we are doing our best to hit challenges straight on. Here are a few you may be interested in: