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President's Message

Collaboration is a Benefit of Belonging to the National Recycling Coalition

During our well-attended Regional Recycling Market Development (RRMD) workshop held at the Albuquerque Museum this past week, the term “collaboration” kept coming to my mind when thinking about this workshop series and all other NRC programs. The Albuquerque workshop is a prime example of how the NRC collaborates with its affiliated recycling organizations. In this case, we cohosted the event …
Dave Keeling

Member Spotlight

NRC Member Spotlight

The Carolina Recycling Association is looking forward to its 30th birthday next year; but we’re still going to say we’re 29 from now on… Since 2017, CRA has greatly increased its focus on the things that matter to member communities and industry professionals - we have also hired a Communications Coordinator to join our other two staff members. CRA prioritizes the …
NRC Member Spotlight

Feature Articles

Guest Article - RRS

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is leading the way to promote recycling market development activities across the nation. With recycling markets in crisis since late 2017 because of Chinese restrictions on the import of curbside generated recyclables, the need to refocus on recycling markets abounded. A fundamental issue driving this crisis is the lack of domestic end markets to handle …
Guest Article - RRS

NRC at the Resource Recycling Conference

NRC is gearing up for lots of activities at the Resource Recycling Conference (Mon Aug 26 - Wed Aug 28) including hosting our annual fundraiser for which we need your support! The fundraising reception, in partnership with the Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) and the Louisiana Recycling Coalition, will be held from 6-9pm at the Gravier Street Social, a beautiful …
NRC at the Resource Recycling Conference

Recycling Organization Council Update

The ROC has monthly meetings (via video conference) which are open to any state recycling organization that wishes to listen in. Agenda for these meetings includes a ROC and NRC Update, a valuable ROC Member Roundtable, and informative guest presentations. The ROC is looking forward to our upcoming annual meeting on Monday August 26 from 10a-12:30 pm, held in conjunction with …

Board Meeting

June NRC Board of Directors Meeting

The June NRC Board of Directors meeting will be held on June 28th from noon to 2 p.m. ET. All NRC members are invited to attend Board meetings and can register for the web-based meeting. Meeting materials including the agenda can be found on the NRC website. If you have any questions about the NRC BOD, please contact Sarah DeSouza …

Upcoming Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops

Upcoming Conferences, Workshops, Meetings

The following are upcoming recycling-related conferences: Sustainable Oregon Annual Conference: June 19-21 2019 Pennsylvania Recycling Professionals Annual Conference: July 24-26 2019 California Resource Recovery Association Annual Conference: August 11-14 2019 View NRC’s comprehensive recycling conferences and events calendar anytime and add your own event for all to see. Access the calendar here!
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