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April 20, 2021

Celebrate Earth Day!

NRC wishes you a joyous and tree-hug-inducing 2021 Earth Day. Tag us on social media to show your fellow NRC members how you're celebrating, whether it be planting trees, teaching a class, or just enjoying the general splendor that is our planet!

Also, be sure to checkout for tons of inspiring live events during three days of streaming content!

NRC has more ways to help our planet too; Check them out below!
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Sign the Petition to Support Recycling & Zero Waste in the Biden Infrastructure Bill - Recycling Is Infrastructure!

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) joined over 150 organizations and individuals in signing on to a letter initiated by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Zero Waste USA asking President Biden and Vice President Harris to establish policies and programs for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting that will stem climate disruption, address racial justice, and create thousands of jobs throughout the country.
We joined together to ask the Biden-Harris Administration to consider these items in a stimulus package, infrastructure bill, racial justice and/or climate change legislation. Copies of this letter were also sent to Congress for them to advocate for and include in proposed legislation, such as the Clean Future Act and bills being developed now on infrastructure such as the American Jobs Plan. Your support will help the Congress understand how important this is.

Read the entire petition on and sign now!

Signatories Still Needed on Biden Letter

*Please share with your networks, sign-on for Earth Day.*

Environmental colleagues and eNGOs are urging National Recycling Coalition members and associates to sign a letter asking President Biden and Vice President Harris to establish policies and programs for waste reduction and recycling that will stem climate disruption, address racial justice and create thousands of jobs throughout the country. Signatories are asking the new Administration to consider these items: in a stimulus package; integrated into climate change legislation; as part of an infrastructure bill; and/or within initiatives promoting racial justice. Individuals and organizations can sign onto the letter now!

Click Here to Read and Sign on Now!

If you have any questions, contact Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self-Reliance at [email protected] or Richard Anthony, Zero Waste USA at [email protected].

International Compost Awareness Week is May 2-8

The ICAW 2021 theme is based on the circular movement of the organics recycling process flowing from farm to table to farm again. This circular process turns recycled organic materials into compost which creates healthy soils leading to more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, with those scraps going back to being composted and the process starts again. Compost adds carbon back into the soil, promotes erosion control and closes the loop by avoiding the loss of valuable organic resources. From on-farm composting, large-scale commercial composting facilities to community composting and composting in backyards, this amazing resource provides an ecologically responsible option for managing our organic materials. This year’s ICAW 2021 theme, Grow, Eat…COMPOST…Repeat, empowers us to recognize and promote the importance of composting and the use of compost in growing healthier food, supporting healthier soils and, ultimately, creating a more just and sustainable world.

To learn more about how you can get involved with ICAW or plan an event in your community, click here to read the attachment Celebrate ICAW Manual. You can also look on the event page

Visit International Compost Awareness Week

NRC’s Role in Federal Legislation

By Marialyce Pedersen, NRC Board Secretary & Communications Committee Member

With ten new board members seated on the NRC Board of Directors at the end of 2020, the new Biden Administration taking charge in January, some exciting environmental legislation on the national slate for 2021, and a newly formed Legislative Committee, NRC Board Secretary Marialyce Pedersen turned to fellow Board Member Fran McPoland, a registered lobbyist and the first US Federal Environmental Executive at The White House (1994-2000), to learn more about what the NRC’s role as a registered 501 (c) 3 organization is and what they can and cannot do to positively influence the direction of US recycling in 2021 and ahead.

Read the full article.

Purdue University Conducts Household E-Cycling Survey

Indiana's Purdue University Lyles School of Civil Engineering and the Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering is requesting assistance disseminating an electronics recycling survey to households across the US. The purpose of this study is to collect data about household consumer electronics use, recycling, and disposal in the United States. The data will be used to refine a stock and flow model and to estimate environmental impacts of different management strategies of electronic devices. The economic value of various materials and metals in electronic devices in households will also be estimated from the data. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, and reside in a household located in the United States. Estimated survey completion time is 20-30 minutes. Please share the survey through your channels and don't forget to fill it out yourself!

US Household Electronics Recycling Survey

Revealing Glass Recycling Opportunities

By Marta Keane, President, Illinois Recycling Foundation; NRC Board Member and Communications Committee Member & Scott DeFife, President, Glass Packaging Institute

Recognizing that glass, an original core sustainable material—reusable, refillable, endlessly recyclable, popular with consumers and with decades of successful recycling history—is currently suffering from confusion in the US recycling system despite strong markets for quality materials, the Illinois Recycling Foundation hosted a January webinar on glass recycling and has formed a Glass Committee which is looking for more members to advance the message that the glass industry wants glass and urges communities to work to keep it out of landfills.

More than 50 participants at the glass recycling webinar heard from national and local experts offering their perspectives on the collection, sorting and marketing of the material, the patchwork of recycling programs around the country, and also years of purposeful misinformation from some stakeholders with an agenda which have created public uncertainty and stress on the waste management industry.

Read the full article.

Fall 2021 Conference Planning Updates

Anticipate another virtual Zero Waste conference this Fall! After the success of the first National Zero Waste Conference, held virtually over three days in December 2020 and attended by 250 to 450 people each day, the NRC’s unstoppable Conference Committee is exploring options for the latter part of 2021, including the possibility of partnering with another organization around an event with a broader recycling / sustainable materials management theme. The committee expects to finalize and announce details in the coming month, and to begin reaching out to prospective sponsors. The NRC Newsletter team will continue providing updates.

Read more about conference plans.

Join NRC, Get Involved, Do Something!

The National Recycling Coalition has many opportunities for you to get involved, including the Recycling Organizations Council, Campus Council, the Market Development, Communication & Membership Committees, the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council, and more. You can use these opportunities help yourself with additional resume building experience, network with industry leaders, and help advance recycling at a national level at the same time.

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