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If you are a member of a state recycling organization that is an organizational member of the NRC you are also a member of the NRC.  State recycling organizations that are NRC members are listed on our Affiliates page.



Regular Price: $35 $100
Introductory Price: $25 $50

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For-Profit Businesses

< 5 Employees or < $250,000 Budget 6-25 Employees or $250,001-$1,250,000 Budget 26-100 Employees or $1,250,001-$5,000,000 Budget 101-250 Employees $5,000,001-$12,500,000 Budget > 250 Employees or > $12,500,001 Budget

Trade Associations 501 (c)(6)

< $5 M Annual Revenues > $5 M Annual Revenues
Annual Member Dues: $250 $750 $1,500 $5,000 $8,000

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Professional/Membership/Non-Profit Organizations

< 50 Members or < $50,000 Budget 51-250 Members or $50,000-$250,000 Budget 251-500 Members or $250,000-$500,000 Budget >500 Members or > $500,000 Budget

Universities/Colleges/School Districts

< 5000 Students 5001-25,000 Students 25,001-50,000 Students > 50,000 Students

Government Members

< 25,000 Population Served 25,001-100,000 Population Served 100,001-500,000 Population Served > 500,000 Population Served
Regular Price: $250 $500 $1,000 $1,500
Introductory Price: $125 $250 $500 $750


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Join NRC here! Having issues joining? Email [email protected] for assistance.


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  1. A unified, national voice for the recycling community.
  2. Forums for multi-sector collaboration and cooperation on vital issues.
  3. NRC builds and sustains lasting partnerships among the diverse interests in the recycling community.
  4. NRC develops educational and information tools in support of recycling and sustainable materials management programs.
  5. NRC distributes information on technology, program, and policy developments.
  6. NRC is involved in the development of programs to enhance technology, management practices, and consumer education.
  7. NRC establishes and maintains relations with federal legislative and regulatory officials on matters of importance to the recycling community.
  8. NRC advocates for policies that enhance the role and performance of recycling and sustainable materials management at all levels of government and businesses
  9. NRC identifies and undertakes critical research on recycling and sustainable material management.
  10. NRC builds alliances with other associations and organizations with shared goals.

‘How Does NRC Deliver This?’

Provide platform for the Recycling Organization Council (ROC) – NRC offers ROC affiliate members organizational development opportunities and trainings to improve conferences, engage speakers, develop best practices, and more, which supports the success of the recycling organizations. In return, the ROC provides the NRC with the strength and power of its thousands of members, and the ability to collaborate on projects and policies, education and outreach, sharing and learning.

Webinars – in collaboration with PA Recycling Markets Center, NRC hosts monthly webinars on cutting edge topics that will enhance your ability to perform your job.

Free job postings on – whether you’re looking to move up the ladder or your company is seeking additional employees, will connect you.

Jobs Through Recycling – Team up with your peers to continue to build and develop opportunities for jobs, economic development, industry expansion, better pay, and increased proficiency.

Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Summit – develop national plan of action to support local sustainable materials management efforts and allow members access to national policy and politicians.

National Standards Certification Board – this NRC program is increasing professionalism in the recycling industry, creating demand and training for recycling professionals and developing the skills to do your job more efficiently. Members may receive discounted certification application fees.

NRC ListServ – Access to the knowledge and experience of the thousands of NRC members through a GoogleGroups forum.

Discounts to NRC events – if you’re a member, that will translate into dollars saved each time you attend one of our sponsored events.

Ability to participate in Council work – these are specialized councils concentrating on various interests that address issues relating to directly to the Council’s area of expertise. One of these is the Campus Council, which will focus on creating better linkages between higher ed and the sustainable materials management industry and provide info and opportunities for applied research, intern training, professional certification, and employment.

Networking – discover a broad spectrum of like-minded people working to address national issues.

Quarterly e-newsletter – catch all the industry news specific to your needs.

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