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What is Payzone?

NRC has agreed to partner with Payzone Systems to offer a cash discounting program that allows for an unlimited credit and debit card processing volume at a single flat monthly fee of $35/month. This could save members and/or sponsors a significant amount of money by avoiding fees associated with credit card processing.  That’s a pure bottom-line increase with no effort.

This will also be a fundraising program for NRC and State Recycling Organizations (SROs), as some of the revenue from the processing will be shared with NRC and SROs.


NRC and SROs that use the Payzone’s cash discounting program for their own payment processing will also be able to accept electronic checks (ACH) at no cost.  Also, Payzone will offer a traditional card processing option with attractive rates, that NRC and ROs will still sh

are in the processing revenue.


With each participating recycling organization that signs up, Payzone will provide a landing page to explain the benefits of the cash discount program to their members.


For more information, contact Brian Bennett of Payzone Systems at [email protected], 415-378-4335 or visit If you have any questions or comments about NRC’s role, please contact Sarah DeSouza at [email protected].


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Production of recycling-friendly paper liner scales up

The post Production of recycling-friendly paper liner scales up appeared first on Resource Recycling News.
Two fiber packaging companies are ramping up production of a recycling-friendly coating for use on foodservice packaging. Commonly used coatings today can inhibit greater container recovery. Cascades Inc. and Sonoco Products Company, through their joint venture


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NRC Has a New Executive Director

Please join the NRC’s Board of Directors in welcoming Sarah DeSouza as NRC’s new Executive Director!  Sarah has been with NRC as the Executive Assistant and is thrilled to become the new Executive Director role previously held by Marjie Griek. Sarah earned her doctorate from George Washington University in Educational Administration and Policy studies and lives in Erie, Colorado with her family. Sarah spent 23 years working for the City of Boulder, Colorado in policy and Board development roles and is looking forward to moving into the NRC’s Executive Director role and working with the NRC Board of Directors and the organization’s members to help achieve the mission and vision of the NRC.

President’s Welcome – May 2019

President’s Welcome

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) board of directors and staff are pleased to be bringing you this newsletter. It is all part of our effort to enhance our communication with our membership. As we all know, our industry is facing some trying times right now due to situations of our own doing and some that are out of our control. Together, we will work through these issues and come of out of this maelstrom much stronger and more resilient. The key components will be cooperation and communication.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) has retained the services of Sarah DeSouza as our Executive Director. Sarah has worked with the NRC as Executive Assistant for quite some time. Sarah brings an energy and passion to the position that will be a benefit to the NRC and its entire membership. Sarah can be reached via email at [email protected]  or by phone at 303-907-8609.

In addition to this NRC content developed newsletter, you may have recently received another newsletter comprised of top recycling related stories from the NRC. This composition newsletter is meant to keep you informed of an upcoming NRC program or event and the latest recycling news that you may have missed from various publications and web based platforms. Speaking of social media platforms, please follow the NRC on our various social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The NRC Communications Committee would welcome the participation of the communication staff personnel or communication committee volunteers from our affiliate recycling organizations. The synergy created by this level of cooperation and resource sharing could be very impactful for both the NRC and our affiliates. The NRC Communication Committee is co-chaired by Kerrin O’Brien, Executive Director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition and Mary McClellan, Executive Director of the Carolina Recycling Association.

As you may have heard, the NRC has been organizing a series of regional recycling market development (RRMD) workshops throughout the country over the last 18 months. The NRC plans to continue this series in 2019 and next year as well. The RRMD series is organized by the NRC Markets Council which is co-chaired by Wayne Gjerde with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Chantal Fryer with the South Carolina Department of Commerce. All NRC members (like you) are welcome to participate on various NRC committees like the NRC Markets Council and the NRC Communication Committee.

Thank you for your continued support of the NRC and the recycling industry.

Together, We Are Recycling!

Dave Keeling

NRC President