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Two Major Recycling Organizations Moving Toward Consolidation

Recycling in North America Expected to be the Benefactor!

July 5, 2012



Today we are announcing a formal, major step toward the consolidation of the National Recycling Coalition, Inc. and Recycling Organizations of North America, Inc. (RONA). The result of this consolidation would be a new organization called the NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition (NRC) that will bring the best of both groups into one cohesive unit. We see this historic action providing the framework for accelerating the advancement of recycling and sustainable materials management solutions throughout the Continent!


RONA and the National Recycling Coalition are already providing a valuable set of services, representation, institutional knowledge and staff to their individual and shared members. The intent is to unify those efforts in one body. Both organizations will build on each other’s successes, resources, assets, vision, and goodwill to build a new coalition that is stronger, more effective, strategic, can leverage more resources, lead national dialogue, and create positive change with North America’s current materials management system!

Our boards have met jointly, and we have formed a small working group to finalize the creation of this new NRC. We want to be crystal clear about our expectations:

We will be driving this group to finalize the formation of the new NRC, not deliberating over “whether the formation should occur!”

We acknowledge that there is a lot of detail work to be addressed, but also recognize that there are components of this process we don’t need to over-think, and that don’t need to be over-processed. In other words, there are things we can do right now. To this end, Mark is calling a special meeting of the National Recycling Coalition Board for July 13th. The NRC is also actively taking necessary actions to amend its current New York State Certificate of Incorporation to change the National Recycling Coalition name to that of NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition (NRC).

The NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition Formation Working Group will be co-chaired by both of us, and its priority will be to further develop a detailed “Plan of Consolidation.” This plan will layout the details and timeframe of steps needed to fully merge RONA and NRC and create the new organization. The draft initial structure of this plan has been developed by both boards, and includes a statement of “What We Believe,” vision and mission, guiding principles and value statements, and strategies to achieve the mission.

As implied above, we expect this process will not be linear. In other words, as the Working Group identifies things that can be immediately implemented, they will spell-out the specific actions to be taken by the National Recycling Coalition, RONA, or both. The Working Group will keep its eye on the ball, which is just on the horizon, that being a formal announcement at the August 2012 Resource Recycling Conference in Austin, TX. This includes preparing for any action that needs to be taken by the National Recycling Coalition and/or RONA membership at that meeting, or before.

We are very excited about the opportunities this new potential partnership presents, and recognize the importance of moving quickly. We ask for your continued support and diligence in fostering this historic relationship!


Marjorie Griek
Recycling Organizations of North America 
Mark Lichtenstein
National Recycling Coalition 

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