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NRC Committees

NRC Committees provide an opportunity for all members to participate in helping shape and advance the recycling industry.

Campus Council

The NRC’s Campus Council meets the need to create better linkages between higher education and the sustainable materials management industry. The Council manages scholarships and an alumni network, maintains an internship program and a speakers bureau, and advances applied research and development centers.  The Council also supports the National Standards Certification Board (NSCB) to accredit certification programs run by states, regions, organizations, trade associations, universities, and community colleges.  Get to know the NRC’s Campus Council and take advantage of the many opportunities the group offers!



The Policy committee is tasked with researching, debating, and approving official NRC policies regarding sustainability and recycling. This committee is made up of NRC board members and outside stakeholders, and consistently reaches out to NRC members and industry experts to help explore and receive input on important topics.


Business Development

The Business Development committee primarily focuses on partnerships and program development. With a wide-range of industry opportunities, this committee helps determine the most impactful partnerships and programs that the NRC can help build to better recycling and sustainable management of materials.



The Membership Committee is primarily tasked with developing, maintaining, and strengthening the current, old, and potential group of NRC members.


Fund Development

The Fund Development Committee’s goal is to secure the necessary resources in order for the NRC to fulfill its mission and goals.  The resources can take the form of financial support, in-kind donations, services, or products. The Committee convenes on the alternating months of the NRC Board meetings.  While the Chair of the Committee is a NRC Board Member, participation is encouraged throughout the NRC membership.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is primarily responsible for NRC Webinars, Website, Newsletters, Social Media and Listservs.


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