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ROC Vision

The Recycling Organizations Council (ROC), a council of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), is a network open to all state, regional and provincial recycling organizations.  These organizations are the backbone that supports recycling and the NRC. Building and strengthening the organizational capacity of these organizations will enable the organizations and ultimately the NRC to impact sustainable resource management more effectively locally, regionally and nationally.

ROC Mission

The Mission of the ROC is to build and strengthen organizational capacity of state, provincial, and regional recycling organizations through peer-to-peer networking and communication, and training.

ROC Goals

  • Facilitate positive synergy and a working relationship with the NRC
  • Build value for all participants
  • Attract new organizations to ROC and ultimately to NRC
  • Facilitate professional development & training opportunities
  • Facilitate communication among peer members
  • Facilitate the exchange & sharing of member experience and knowledge
  • Facilitate understanding of policy issues and initiatives
  • Facilitate consensus building around policy issues

For additional questions or to learn how to join the ROC, please email: [email protected]


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