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Delegate Registration


As of 4/1 all Delegate slots are filled – NRC is not accepting new applications for Delegates. Those interested in participating must register as Attendees.

Thank you for your interest in attending the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) Sustainable Materials Management Summit (SMM Summit) taking place May 12 -13, 2015 at the University of Maryland. NRC has invited you as a Delegate to the SMM Summit and we appreciate you completing this registration.

The deadline for submitting your registration for participation in the SMM Summit is Friday, February 27, 2015. Applications received after that date may not be guaranteed a seat as a Delegate.

If you have been invited directly by an NRC representative, your registration will be accepted upon completion of this registration. You may not transfer your invitation to another person without prior consent of the NRC.  One Delegate registration should be submitted per person.

All those who submit registrations understand that upon acceptance they will be responsible for all costs associated with the travel to and from the Summit, as well as for a  registration fee of $235 for NRC members and $285 for non-members.

Completing this application signifies that you are the one Delegate to the event representing your organization. You can also nominate one or more Observers from your organization in a separate application to be considered, but not guaranteed, due to limited space and a desire for balanced representation.