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SMM White Papers

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Each attendee was invited to complete a one-page white paper that provided background on what they do in Sustainable Materials Management (SMM), as well as their unique insight into their suggested policy direction for SMM. They used this space for opinion, scientific justification, statistical data, or other. The goal of this submittal was to provide input to a Summary white paper which will be provided to Summit attendees in advance, and will contribute to the NRC National SMM Action Plan prepared based on the Summit.

White Paper Format

After the Background information, please include a separate section called: “National SMM Plan Recommendations.” As the key to the summit will be the development of action-oriented strategies intended to promote SMM throughout North America, this white paper will give you a chance to suggest what you would like to be done nationally to support local SMM initiatives.

Possible thematic areas for discussion include:

  1. Business roles / Market-based Solutions
  2. Job Creation, and Economic & Market Development Initiatives
  3. Climate Change
  4. Innovative Financing Approaches
  5. New Science, Infrastructure, and Technology Opportunities and Trends
  6. Federal and State Government roles / Policy-based Solutions
  7. Locally Driven / Local Scale SMM Policies, Programs and Facilities (including Rural examples)
  8. Culture Change, Outreach and Engagement Strategies
  9. Education, Training, Certification, and Curriculum

These areas should address key SMM topics in the industry, including:

  1. Consumption and Climate Change
  2. Reduce & Reuse
  3. Recycling (including how to address Dirty MRFs)
  4. Organics (particularly including Food Recovery)
  5. Clean and Green Jobs
  6. Product Policies
  7. Zero Waste
  8. Community Organizing

View the SMM Guide and Summary of White Paper Ideas here

Submitted White Papers

Alan Gurganus, Alabama Recycling Coalition

Blair Pollock, Orange County NC Solid Waste Management Department

Carey Hamilton, Indiana Recycling Coalition

Diane Cohen, Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc.

Diane Davis, Carolina Recycling Association

Ed Boisson, Boisson Consulting

Elizabeth Roe, Eco Partners, Inc.

English Bird, New Mexico Recycling Coalition

Gary Liss, Gary Liss and Associates

Jack DeBell, NRC Campus Council

Jennifer Jordan, Iowa Recycling Association

Joanne Shafer, Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority

John Davis, California Resource Recovery Association

Betsy Dorn, Reclay StewardEdge

John Frederick, IRC Council of Governments

Maggie Clarke, Beyond Waste Solutions

MaryEllen Etienne, Association of Ohio Recyclers

MaryEllen Etienne, Reuse Institute

Mid-America Council of Recycling Officials

Northeast Recycling Council

Phil Bresee, City of Philadelphia

Rick Anthony, Zero Waste International Alliance

Rick Penner, Re-TRAC Connect

Ruth Abbe, Zero Waste USA

Ryan McMullan, Toyota

Sara Nichols, State of Texas Alliance for Recycling

Scott Mouw, NC DENR

Sonny Beale, University of Virginia

Susan Palmer, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County

Susan Robinson, Waste Management

Suzette Thomason and Dave Keeling, Steel Recycling Institute

Meri Beth Wojtaszek, Solid Waste Association of North America

US Business Council for Sustainable Development

US Composting Council

Will Sagar, Southeast Recycling Development Council

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