All conference attendees will receive an email once the video recordings have been curated. Thank you for your patience if you’re seeing this and have not yet received an email.

If you did not attend the conference but would like access to the recordings of all the proceedings, please follow this link.

Reasons for contacting:

  1. I attended the conference, and I have not received an email.
  2. I would like to present one or a portion of a session to a commercial group, a governmental group or a school group.
    • Please tell us the following:
      • Your group/organization name (if you have one)
      • The intended audience
      • Likely number of attendees
      • Location
      • Time
      • Session you want to show (Session title)
      • Motives / reasons for wanting to show the session
      • Any other information that may help round out our understanding of the event.
    • The earlier you ask, the more likely we’ll have time to respond before your event date.
  3. I have other questions about the conference recordings.
    • Please tell us what you would like to know!
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