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About Us

We Are Recycling

The National Recycling Coalition is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and enhancing recycling in the United States. Our network of more than 6,000 members extends across waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting. Together, We Are Recycling.



Our Vision

Waste reduction and sound management practices for raw materials in North America lead to an environmentally sustainable economy.



Our Mission

The Mission of the National Recycling Coalition is to partner with and facilitate activities between and among non-profit organizations (NGO’s), businesses, trade associations, individuals and government to maintain a prosperous and productive American recycling system that is committed to the conservation of natural resources.



NRC Board

Meet our dedicated and passionate Board members.



Board Elections

Annual Board of Director elections are typically held each September, in conjunction with a national recycling industry conference. If you are an NRC member we encourage you to participate in all elections through exercise of your vote. In addition, any Member in good standing for at least 1 year and age 18 or over may run for the Board of Directors.