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Market Development Initiatives

The South Carolina Department of Commerce has recently begun to host quarterly market development calls for the Carolinas. The calls are intended to provide an opportunity for participants to speak on a regular basis about the economic development investments that have been made in the Carolinas and their status, the latest challenges in recycling, and share information to help facilitate the processing and recycling of materials since recycling travels across state lines. The first call was held in May and was led by Chantal Fryer and Anna DeLage from the S.C. Dept. of Commerce. Mary McClellan with the CRA, Richard Chesley and Jana White at SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, and Wendy Worley and Sandy Skolochenko at NC Department of Environmental Quality all participated. The next call is scheduled for August 1st. For more information about market development in South Carolina, contact Chantal Fryer at [email protected]

Recycling Organization Council Update

The ROC has monthly meetings (via video conference) which are open to any state recycling organization that wishes to listen in. Agenda for these meetings includes a ROC and NRC Update, a valuable ROC Member Roundtable, and informative guest presentations.

The ROC is looking forward to our upcoming annual meeting on Monday August 26 from 10a-12:30 pm, held in conjunction with the Resource Recycling Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans, LA. There is no fee to attend but registration is requested.

The Recycling Organization Council is led by Amy Roth, Resource Director of the Association of Oregon Recyclers. If you would like to join ROC, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

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