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No Summer Doldrums for the NRC!

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their summer activities with family and friends. It has been a very active time of the year for the NRC, its Board of Directors, Staff and Committees. A very successful regional recycling market development workshop in Albuquerque kicked off the summer. Thank you to the New Mexico Recycling Coalition and the members of the NRC Markets Council for all of their efforts on making that event so meaningful for the attendees and the region.

The NRC policy committee, through the container deposit working group, brought forth a policy on container deposit legislation which was adopted by the NRC board. Thank you to all of the NRC board members and members of state recycling organizations who participated on the policy working group and those that submitted substantive comments about the policy to the NRC board. Your input on both the policy and the policy development process are invaluable to the NRC.

Committees are finalizing details for the numerous NRC activities that will take place at the Resource Recycling Conference at the Sheraton in New Orleans, LA on August 26-28, 2019. Please join us for the NRC annual membership meeting on the morning of August 26th where we kick off the elections for the NRC Board. Let us know if you or any NRC member that you know is interested in running for the NRC Board of Directors. Later that day, the NRC will be conducting a condensed version of its market development workshop which is free to all conference attendees. The joint NRC/SERDC welcome reception will take place later that evening at the Gravier Street Social. You can register for the reception through the link on the conference registration page or on the NRC website. The NRC will also be presenting its annual awards and the Murray J. Fox Scholarships on the morning of Thursday, August 28th. The NRC board will be conducting a retreat on the afternoon of August 28th and morning of August 29th. The participation in the retreat is open to all NRC affiliate and direct members.

Thank you for your support of the National Recycling Coalition and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Dave Keeling

Collaboration is a Benefit of Belonging to the National Recycling Coalition

During our well-attended Regional Recycling Market Development (RRMD) workshop held at the Albuquerque Museum this past week, the term “collaboration” kept coming to my mind when thinking about this workshop series and all other NRC programs. The Albuquerque workshop is a prime example of how the NRC collaborates with its affiliated recycling organizations. In this case, we cohosted the event with the New Mexico Recycling Coalition, our state affiliate. Past RRMD workshops were cohosted with our affiliates in Oregon, Georgia and Illinois. Stakeholders from numerous surrounding states attended each of the previous workshops. With attendees from Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico and with several tribes represented, the Albuquerque workshop could also evolve into further regional collaboration. The need for regional cooperation has been a constant theme throughout all of the market development workshops.

As the workshops have evolved, the sphere of collaboration has expanded to include two of the preeminent consulting firms in the market development arena. Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) has provided their market development expertise and technological capabilities since the Portland workshop which has really enhanced the informational content of the subsequent workshops. The principals of Circular Matters, LLC, all formerly of RSE, have joined the collaboration by providing their vast knowledge of national, regional, and state market development programs throughout the country.

The NRC is working to further enhance the workshop collaboration with the “soon to be debuted” development of online recycling market development resources on the NRC website and the upcoming announcement of a new nationwide partnership for future workshops. If you are a NRC direct or affiliate member, you and your company can join the collaboration on the RRMD workshops and other NRC programs. Please contact me ([email protected] ) or Sarah DeSouza ([email protected] ) if you are interested in collaborating on the NRC RRMD workshops or sponsoring the workshops or other future NRC programs!

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