VP, Advanced Composting Technologies

Chandler Cummins has been in the Environmental industry for over 35 years. Currently is the Vice President for Advanced Composting Technologies, LLC (ACT)and has been with ACT since 2008. ACT has over 450 facilities internationally. We successfully compost over 80,000 Tons/ annually. Additionally, our second company is CSME, Inc. where we deploy subject matter experts to consult and direct the proper disposal of disease and natural disaster mass animal mortalities. Since 2015 CSME’s have responded to over 100 premises. Over the years, ACT has developed healthy recipes from all types of feedstocks to produce successful bio secure compost for soil amendments. Composting is a passion.

ACT’s goal is to use technology, chemistry, and biology to produce high quality compost faster, less expensive, and easier than any product on the market. We have developed great partnerships with government, universities, and private industry leaders that continue not just as advocates but true friendships. Inventing game changing innovations that ACT has created so far. Looking into what is around the corner for tomorrow.

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