This August, some of the most influential decision-makers in municipal materials recovery will come together at the 10th Annual Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show in New Orleans from August 26-28 which will offer a valuable opportunity for industry professionals from across the Southeast region to learn to build better programs and add their voice to the conversations shaping the future of the industry.

This year’s conference agenda tackles issues at the heart of the municipal recycling world, including the following:

The initial list of speakers is finalized. A few of the critical stakeholders who will be delivering presentations and taking part in panel talks follows:

Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia
Renowned researcher outlines global scope of plastic marine debris in opening keynote

Jay Hunsberger, Sustana Group
The steps to boost recycled fiber consumption by domestic paper mills

Chris Cui, Closed Loop Partners
What can North American stakeholders expect from China?

Michael Sangiacomo, Recology
Hauler/processor CEO details his policy vision

Tim Tonwnsend, University of Florida
Diving into the intersection of measurement and sustainable materials management

Andrea Rodriguez-Pinero, FCC Environmental Services
How a growing MRF company brought curbside glass back to Houston

April Crow, Circulate Capital
A finance-backed strategy to curb plastic pollution

Kate Bailey, Eco-Cycle
Protecting the recycling stream in turbulent times

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