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Day 1 – Wednesday, November 9, 2022

NRC Welcome & Keynote
Bob Gedert – National Recycling Coalition
Nena Shaw – US Environmental Protection Agency
Alec Cooley – NRC Board & Conference Committee
11:50aSPONSOR SPOTLIGHT & BREAK A few words from ISRI and Balcones ResourcesMainstage
Community-based Reuse StrategiesMatt Prindiville – Upstream
McKenna Morrigan – Seattle Public Utilities
Crystal Dreisbach – Don’t Waste Durham
Room A
Building Future Regional Markets Through CollaborationMarissa Segundo – HDR
Amy Roth – Association of Oregon Recyclers
Mary Ann Remolador – Northeast Recycling Council
Matt Fletcher – Michigan DEQ
Room B
NRC Members MeetingOpen to NRC Members & GuestsRoom C
12:55p☕️ BREAK
State EPR for Packaging Policies
Peter Adrian – SWALCO
Bob Gedert – National Recycling Coalition
Judith Enck -Beyond Plastics
Martha Ainsworth – Sierra Club Zero Waste Team
1:50pSPONSOR SPOTLIGHT & BREAK A few words from Busch Systems and PaintCareMainstage
Reuse, Repair & Share EconomyDiane Cohen – Finger Lakes ReUse
Norm Ruttan – iWasteNot Systems
Laura Anthony -Zero Waste San Diego
Sue Beets-Atkinson – SBM Management Services
Elizabeth Chin Start – Start Consulting Group
Room A
State Support for Market Development ProjectsWayne Gjerde – MN Pollution Control Agency
Andrew Pieterse – Myplas USA
JoAnne Berkenkamp – MBOLD
Tamsin Ettefagh – PureCycle
Room B
Best Practices & Investments in RecyclingLeslie Lukacs – Zero Waste Sonoma
Ben Pedigo – Rumpke Waste & Recycling
Natalie Betts – Balcones Recycling
Neil Seldman – Zero Waste USA
Room C
EPR for Packaging Legislation Marta Keane – IL Product Stewarship Council
Rachel Setzke – Eco-Cycle
Heidi Sanborn – National Stewardship Action Council
Kristine Kubat – Recycle Hawaii
Room D
2:55p☕️ BREAK
Circular Economy Strategies MaryEllen Etienne – US Green Building Council
Ryan Smith – Recyclops
Garr Punnett – Rheaply
Room A
Resource Recovery ParksRick Anthony – Zero Waste USA
Steve Simmons – Gershman, Brickner, & Bratton
Ruth Abbe – Zero Waste USA
Baleigh Epperly – ReUse Corridor
Room B
Best Practices for Addressing ContaminationAlec Cooley – Busch Systems
Ann Gibbs – Skumatz Economic Research Associates
Room C
Organics & Soil HealthMartie Solomon – City of Chula Vista
Anthony Myint – Zero Foodprint
Darek Trowbridge – Soil Carbon Management Company
Room D
4:00p🎉 PartyTRAC Virtual Networking Event
with Sponsors, Hot Topic Tables, & Games
5:00p👋 END OF DAY 1

Day 2 – Thursday, November 10, 2022

NRC Welcome
Chemical Recycling Policies
Bob Gedert – National Recycling Coalition
Jay Basset – NRC Board Member
Komie Jain – Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries
Jamie Kaminski -Zero Waste Canada
Leslie Lukas – NRC Board & Conference Committee
11:30aMurray J. Fox Scholarships & NRC AwardsBob Gedert – National Recycling Coalition
Jack DeBell – debellP3 LLC
Lisa Skumatz – Skumatz Economic Research Associates
11:55aSPONSOR SPOTLIGHT & BREAK Exciting Announcement from Re-TRAC ConnectMainstage
Innovative Solutions in TechnologyMatt Hittle – Ohio EPA
Chris Ronson – Re-TRAC Connect
Judi Gregory – Go2Zero Strategies
Zane Harvey – SMART Compliance, Inc.
Bob Hollis -SMART Compliance, Inc.
Room A
Recycling is Infrastructure Too CampaignBrenda Platt – Institute for Local Self Reliance
Gary Liss – Zero Waste Associates
Bob Gedert – National Recycling Coalition
Jay Basset – Lifecycle Building Center Board Member
Room B
Best Practices in Organics PoliciesChris Sparnicht – Zero Waste USA
Heather Trim – Zero Waste Washington
Rick Anthony – Zero Waste USA
Lisa Skumatz – Skumatz Economic Research Associates
Room C
🎓 CURC College & University Recycling
Coalition Workshop Keynote
Corey Berman – University of Vermont
Leana Houser – Johns Hopkins University
Jack DeBell – debellP3 LLC
G.L. Genco – Generation Conscious + students
Room D
12:55p☕️ BREAK
1:00p🎉 Lunchtime PartyTRAC with Hot Topic TablesExporting Harm – Race to Zero Waste
• Zero Waste – Zero Waste USA
• Workforce Development & Minority Communities – ISRI

• Circular Economy & Recycling – Rheaply
• Bin Design Specs – Busch Systems
• Measurement & Data – Re-TRAC Connect
• 100 3R Policies – Zero Waste Associates
• NRC’s Draft Strategic Plan – National Recycling Coalition

• Education & Outreach – Maggie Clark
• Meet Your Intern – NRC’s Campus Council
🎓 CURC Collegiate & Government Partnerships Leah Ceperley – University of Dayton
Leana Houser – Johns Hopkins University
Cara Murray – Baltimore Dept. of Public Works
Ava Richardson – Baltimore City Dept. of Planning
Room D
Container Deposit Best PracticesDan Leif – Resource Recycling Magazine
Scott Breen – Can Manufacturers Institute
Susan Collins – Container Recycling Institute
Room A
Making Progress on Multi-Family RecyclingCynthia Vant Hul – Mariposa Eco Consulting
Aryeh Alex – City of Columbus
Matt James – The Recycling Partnership
Evan Novell – City of Orlando
Room B
Best Practices for Justice, Equity, Diversity & InclusionArley Owens – Earth Team Green
Sophia Huda – NRC JEDI Council
Mary McClellan – Carolinas Recycling Association
Tracie Bills – California Resource Recovery Association
Julia Au – Northern California Recycling Association
Room C
🎓 CURC Collegiate & Commercial Sector Partnerships Jamey Pavey – Earlham College
Jennifer Maxwell – Appalachian State University
Chandler Cummins – Advanced Composting Technologies
Room D
2:45p☕️ CASUAL NETWORKING BREAK Meet Me in a Zoom Room – Informal Small Room Networking
Pick a breakout, introduce yourself, relax and chat – this is not a facilitated break, but just a place to meet up with other folks with similar interests:
• Biz Recycling
• Community Recycling
• Organics
• NRC Reunion
Tackling Single Use ProductsGraham Hamilton – Break Free from Plastics
Jan Dell – The Last Beach Cleanup
Nick Lapas – Californians Against Waste
Room A
Outreach to Underserved CommunitiesSophia Huda – NRC JEDI Council
Berenice Garcia Tellez – City & County of Denver
Keysha Burton – The Recycling Partnership
Guisela Latorre – Ohio State University
Room B
🎓 CURC Collegiate & Nonprofit Partnerships Franklyn Cantor – University of the Arts
Heather Trim – Zero Waste Washington
Room D
Rebuilding Public Confidence in Recycling
Alec Cooley – Busch Systems
Elizabeth Schussler – The Recycling Partnership
Chaz Miller – Miller Recycling Associates
Wes Schultz – California State University
Daniel Weston – WA State Dept. of Ecology
🎓 CURC Breakout Roundtable Topical SessionWaste in Labs
Choose Your Own Waste Adventure
Vendor Contracts
Pesky Material Streams
(Re)Launching a Waste Diversion Program
Room D
5:00p👋 END OF DAY 2

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