Recycling needs your help! Donate here on Giving Tuesday for a better tomorrow. We are the national voice for recycling, so please support us today. Together we are recycling!

We are the voice for recycling. The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is a national non-profit recycling association and advocate positioned to assist the recycling industry and sustainability-minded corporations to weather unpredictable and damaging conditions that loom in the recyclable-commodities markets. We represent every sector of the recycling industry from individuals, to local governments, non-profits and private haulers and manufacturers. Our organization advocates for collaboration between these sectors to ensure robust markets and a quality supply of those materials.

The recycling industry is at a critical turning point. In 2016 mainland China imported approximately 16.2 million tons of recyclable materials from the United States, earning U.S. companies, governments, and citizens over $5 billion. In early 2017, China issued a notification with the World Trade Organization to severely limit recyclable materials entering China. For over four decades, our quest has been to bring all sectors of the industry together, to enhance the future of recycling. These recent actions by the Chinese government means domestic markets need to be reinvigorated – NRC needs your help to do that!

We are committed to the future of recycling. NRC recently hired a new Executive Director, who will accelerate and elevate the industry for you and for future generations for a stronger recycling economy and a better environment. With combined contributions from donors like you, we will deliver workshops and provide assistance to recyclers throughout the U.S. to enhance recycling operations and find alternative destinations for sending materials to be remanufactured.

Donate today. With your generous contribution, the NRC will work at a grass-roots level with local communities, recycling trade organizations, and manufacturers to help prove our nation’s resilience and forge new economic markets for recyclables in the US.

Thank you for your support of the National Recycling Coalition!

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