NRC has agreed to partner with Payzone Systems to offer a cash discounting program that allows for an unlimited credit and debit card processing volume at a single flat monthly fee of $35/month. This could save members and/or sponsors a significant amount of money by avoiding fees associated with credit card processing.  That’s a pure bottom-line increase with no effort.

This will also be a fundraising program for NRC and State Recycling Organizations (SROs), as some of the revenue from the processing will be shared with NRC and SROs.


NRC and SROs that use the Payzone’s cash discounting program for their own payment processing will also be able to accept electronic checks (ACH) at no cost.  Also, Payzone will offer a traditional card processing option with attractive rates, that NRC and ROs will still sh

are in the processing revenue.


With each participating recycling organization that signs up, Payzone will provide a landing page to explain the benefits of the cash discount program to their members.


For more information, contact Brian Bennett of Payzone Systems at [email protected], 415-378-4335 or visit If you have any questions or comments about NRC’s role, please contact Sarah DeSouza at [email protected].


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