Campus Council

2022 – 2023 Update



The NRC has long-supported campus recycling, first hosting caucuses of campus program managers in 1992, then supporting a technical council in 1995.  As it reorganized, the NRC re-established the Campus Council in 2013 to meet the need for stronger linkages between higher ed and the SMM industry.

The Campus Council is managed by Jack DeBell, who previously served on the NRC Board and recently retired from the University of Colorado.  The Council reports to the Board, is advised by higher ed leaders and industry professionals, and coordinates through the year with the NRC Scholarship Endowment.


Council Mission

The NRC’s Campus Council strives to create stronger linkages between higher ed and the sustainable materials management industry. 


Objectives and Activities

Develop, acquire, promote relevant information resources


Create opportunities for professional development of emerging leaders


Offer scholarships and awards


2022-2023 Update

Information Resources 

in 2021-22:

for 2023:


Professional Development 

in 2021-22:

for 2023:


Scholarships and Awards

in 2021-22:

for 2023:


NRC Awards

in 2021-22:

for 2023:


Five Year Planning

To fully meet the growing need for linking higher ed with the industry, additional support continues to be necessary such as a minimum level of administrative support.  Grants and sponsorships could be sought to offset these expenses or create pass-through contracts to fully meet Council goals beyond the constraints of a volunteer effort. 



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