Hoping to tune in and learn what’s new with Zero Waste for your business?  Join the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (www.uszwbc.org) and industry leaders from across the globe in Austin, Texas June 1-4, 2016 for the 5th annual National Zero Waste Business Conference “Tuning in to Zero Waste.”  The event is conducted by USZWBC and hosted/sponsored by Austin Resource Recovery as a venue for professionals from all sectors (private, public, nonprofit, academia) to expand their Zero Waste knowledge.  The event will provide educational resources, networking opportunities, and professional training for businesses to begin (or fine tune) their efforts to pursue Zero Waste. It will also provide sessions lead by experts on Zero Waste related topics such as operations, economics, policies and more.  Each year, the event grows larger as the value of attending this conference is shared. Stay tuned to the “Zero Waste station” via www.uszwbc.org for more information including early bird registration, sponsorship opportunities, program and much more.

Special offer for NRC network: enter the code “nzwbc16nrc” during registration and a set of 20% off discounted rates will appear!!! Register today at www.uszwbc.org!

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