November 19, 2024
National Recycling Congress
Call for Presentations

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) welcomes proposals for the 2024 National Recycling Congress on November 19, 2024. This will be a hybrid conference, organized together with our state partner, the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling (NYSAR3) whose annual conference will be held November 19- 21, 2024. The Congress will serve as a pre-conference day for NYSAR3. This will be conducted in person in Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame (outside Albany). It will be broadcast via Whova for virtual participation throughout the nation. 

The Theme for this Congress is “Climate, Circularity and Zero Waste.” We particularly seek leaders of climate change and circularity to highlight how they work to promote reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost programs and policies as part of their initiatives. 

Our audience is federal, state, and local government decision-makers, trash, recycling, and organics managers, consultants, and waste managers. We seek proposals that address one or more of these areas:

  • How the NRC network of 6,000 individuals, agencies, businesses, and nonprofit groups around the country can help address climate change.
  • How those working on Climate Pollution Reduction grants under the Inflation Reduction Act are working cross-sector and including waste and materials recycling programs as part of their grant activities.

Climate change tools that reflect the contributions of Zero Waste, including:

    • GHG inventories that include Scope 3 emissions
    • Net zero emissions
    • GHG reduction calculators and measurement tools 
    • Carbon sequestration protocols
    • Decarbonization of industry
    • Cap and Trade programs
    • Comparison of the most efficient and effective GHG reduction programs
    • Reducing consumption through consumer behavior changes
    • Federal funding/grants: Background, applying, implementation, and reporting 
    • Investing in and including disadvantaged communities
    • Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion    

Circularity Tools and Resources

  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation tools
  • US Chamber of Commerce initiatives
  • Federal agency resources
  • State agency resources
  • Sustainability and Zero Waste tools and resources
  • National, state, and local policy:
  • Repicable legislation and tools
  • National Recycling Strategies
  • Pending Federal Legislation
  • Pending State Legislation
  • Deposit Return Systems 
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Plastics Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling
  • Chemical recycling
  • Organics management
  • NRC policy 

Programs and implementation: replicable ideas and improvements on existing programs, collaboration and partnership opportunities for learning and improving:

  • Innovative technology 
  • Organics Infrastructure
  • Edible Food
  • Reuse
  • Recycling and/or Organics Collection
  • Recycling and/or Organics Processing
  • Resource Recovery Parks
  • Education and Outreach
  • Market Development
  • Measurement
  • Enforcement
  • Nonprofit management/administration
  • Confidence in recycling, organics, and composting 

How NRC can support your success (e.g., tools, resources, library, network, communications, relationships)


Latest News and Updates

Submissions are due by May 8, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

The NRC Congress committee will make notifications by May 31, 2024.   

Questions? Email us at  [email protected]

Call for Presentations - National Recycling Congress, November 2024

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