This year’s theme: Compost! Healthy Soil, Healthy Food
From May 7 – May 13, 2017

Effective materials management is key to the resilience and beauty of any community, but many municipalities have yet to tap the numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits of recycling organic materials.

By collecting food scraps and landscape trimmings, these materials can be transformed into a valuable resource through the process of composting. The final product is compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment which can be cycled back into the community to improve residential gardens, municipal landscaping, and agricultural lands. It can also be used for other DPW purposes such as erosion control.

From May 7th through the 13th, join communities across the U.S. and around the world by helping to promote the use and benefits of compost. How? Below are some event ideas to try in your community:

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