NRC Board of Director Candidate Statements and Resumes 2018

As an NRC member, it is both your privilege and your duty to participate fully in the Board of Directors election process. In accordance with NRC’s bylaws, voting will take place by electronic ballot only during the Annual Members Meeting of the Coalition following the candidates forum portion of the meeting. The meeting will convene at 10:30 a.m. ET/9:30 a.m. CT/8:30 a.m. MT/7:30 a.m. PT on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Here are the nine individuals who have been nominated for the 2018-19 NRC Board of Directors. Please review each candidate’s personal statement and resume (click on name of candidate) prior to the October 22nd NRC Members Meeting that is being held between 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Resource Recycling Conference in St. Louis (Hyatt Regency at the Arch). Nominations will be accepted from the floor of the October 22nd Members Meeting. All NRC members and members of Affiliate Organizations are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. All eligible voters will receive a notice and an identifying number that will enable them to vote.

Richard Anthony

Director, Zero Waste San Diego

I helped start the NRC and served on the Board from 1980 – 1993.
I have served of The California Resource Recovery Board for over 40 years.
I feel that I can add some insights and maybe guidance to the NRC as I wind down my career.
I have been published and taught classes at community college.
I am a SME on Recycling History.





Stephen Bantillo

Executive Director, Recycling Certification Institute

I am the Executive Director of the Recycling Certification Institute, focusing on transparency, process, and metrics to measure our progress as a resource industry. I have over 30-years resource management experience in local/state government and non-profit management. I have served five terms as an NRC board member and have been a leader on NRC’s policy issues since 2004. I would be honored to receive your vote to continue serving NRC.





Nina Bellucci Butler

CEO – More Recycling

I appreciate the reason NRC was formed and believe it should be supported. I believe those of us with experience and passion should take a turn to serve the NRC so that it can be the clear for voice for recycling and ultimate resource efficiency. We are in the midst of rapidly changing times and our system needs support.




Susan Collins

President, Container Recycling Institute

When I was elected to the NRC board in 2010, I worked with the NRC board and membership to move from a very precarious financial situation to one of stability. In 2018, we face new challenges like international recycling crises, falling recycling rates and plastic marine debris.

It would be an honor to be elected back to the NRC board, and face these new challenges with the new NRC board and diversity of NRC members across America.




Chantal Fryer

Senior Director, Department of Commerce, Recycling Market Development Program

Chantal Fryer would like to ask for your support in electing her to the NRC Board as she would be a good Board asset for the National Recycling Coalition. With her service on other recycling-related boards, experience in recycling market development efforts, the economic impact of recycling, understanding of recycling as commodities, and her work in various campaigns to increase recycling, she will bring knowledge, expertise and value to Board discussions and programs. Her work with Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign to increase plastic bottle recycling in the Carolinas with a call to action of each household recycling two more bottles a week to help create 300 jobs locally is an an example of an initiative she is working on to help move the needle on recycling.



Mary McClellan

Executive Director, Carolina Recycling Association

Mary McClellan has served as the Executive Director of the Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) for 2 years.  CRA is an avid supporter of the NRC and an active ROC member.  She has proudly contributed to the recycling industry as an operations specialist for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, as a local government recycling program manager, and in the private sector as a government liaison.  These many roles have provided an in depth comprehension of the may motivations, interests, and moving parts that make up sustainable materials management.  She believes that communication, truth, and clarity among all stakeholders are the key to progress and success in our industry.  She has been involved with NRC in some capacity for over a decade and believes it is vital that as a nation, we have a national coalition that not only represents the interests of the industry but also provides an intellectual and professional hub for all stakeholders.  She believes the NRC is the best and nerdiest national recycling organization around, and would like to keep it that way.  Recycling Nerds Unite!



Fran McPoland

Vice-President of the Paper Recycling Coalition

The NRC has been an integral part of my professional life, from Capitol Hill, the White House’s Federal Environmental Executive and nearly two decades in the private sector. As co-chair of the Policy Committee I helped draft the Mission and Guiding Principles the guide the NRC and I am committed to those values. If elected I will do my utmost to ensure that the NRC fulfills its essential mandate.







Lynn Rubinstein

Executive Director, Northeast Recycling Council

As a Board member, volunteerism in support of the NRC and its mission is essential for the organization to grow and thrive. I will bring the same energy and commitment to serving on the NRC Board as I have to being the Executive Director of NERC and the various initiatives I have had the privilege of participating in over the past 19 years.





William Turley

Founder and Executive Director of the Construction & Demolition Association

Having me on the board will bring in the largest waste sector (by weight) in North America, where 74% of the material is recycled. It will also be a link to the industrial materials recycling, such as tires, foundry sand, etc. In addition, I will work with the staff to employ the tactics I learned building the CDRA in order to improve the internal operations of the NRC.







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